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Maintaining Your Dental Bridge

Receiving your dental bridge means putting a permanent stop to many problems that can affect people with tooth loss. Because the bridge is stable, it can improve upon your ability to bite, chew, and speak with the comfort you used to enjoy. The presence of your natural-looking restoration also brings with it some obvious benefits… Read more »

Limiting Your Risk For Needing A Root Canal

Does a cavity on your tooth mean that a root canal treatment is in your immediate future? Not necessarily – this procedure is only necessary for decay that has been able to access the interior of your tooth. If a cavity is caught soon enough, the restorative care you require can be less involved. Patients… Read more »

Take Trouble With A Dental Filling Seriously

A dental filling should offer your tooth long-term protection once it has been placed. A filling, the most conservative response to a cavity, will be crafted with composite resin. This material allows your dentist to give your restoration superior support, because it bonds directly to your tooth. Its appearance can match your enamel, so in… Read more »

What You Should Know About Life With A Dental Crown

If you have a more severe cavity, suffer dental damage, or have a tooth that is vulnerable due to developmental issues, you can find yourself needing a dental crown. Your dentist will place a crown because it can give necessary restorative support for your tooth, and function on its behalf. If you receive this restoration,… Read more »

The Reality Of Undergoing A Root Canal Treatment

Many patients are familiar with a root canal as a dental procedure, but may be unaware of why it is sometimes necessary. A root canal treatment is not for minor cavities – decay needs to have reached your tooth’s pulp to require this procedure. It takes time for this to occur. If you keep up… Read more »

Quiz: What Takes Place During Cavity Treatment

When you experience a cavity, your dentist has no choice but to remove the portion of your tooth where decay is located. This is necessary because the damage of a cavity is permanent, and total removal is required to save the remaining tooth structure. In order to address this loss, your dentist will offer a… Read more »

Using A Dental Filling To Address A Cavity

A dental filling is used after a cavity is removed to restore your tooth. Unfortunately, there is no way to save the portion of your tooth upset by spreading decay, and your dentist must remove it completely. To make up for this loss of material, a filling is put in place. By using composite resin,… Read more »

Is It Time To Replace Your Dental Crown?

Your dental crown should provide protection and support for a tooth for many years. Your tooth will need that extended care. Once damage that requires restorative dental work occurs, the harm is essentially permanent. If you start to notice your crown looking worn down, or if it feels as if its fit is less secure,… Read more »