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Make Your Root Canal Treatment A Priority

If your dentist advises you to undergo root canal therapy, you should make this procedure a priority. A root canal is performed to save a tooth that has an active infection in its pulp. The pulp, located at the center of your tooth, houses living tissue. If too much harm is done by an infection,… Read more »

Big Oral Health Improvements With Comprehensive Dental Care

A dental practice that can provide comprehensive dental services offers convenience, and the promise of care that can address any issues you might have. Comprehensive dental care can be especially helpful to those patients who require multiple treatments to improve their oral health. This means you can receive help for threats like gum disease and tooth… Read more »

Are You Putting Too Much Strain On Your Dental Crown?

Your dental crown is more than just decoration – the restoration has to be able to support your tooth whenever you bite and chew. This is no minor accomplishment when you consider that our jaws can produce tremendous amounts of force. Luckily, strength does not have to come at the expense of your appearance, as… Read more »

Quiz: How Cavities Are Treated – And Prevented

Routine visits with your dentist will help you prevent cavities, and make sure you have prompt treatment for a problem whenever you need it. While preventive appointments certainly lower your risk for issues like tooth decay, they do, unfortunately, sometimes still occur. If you arrive with an issue that needs to be addressed, your dentist’s… Read more »

Maintaining Your Dental Bridge

Receiving your dental bridge means putting a permanent stop to many problems that can affect people with tooth loss. Because the bridge is stable, it can improve upon your ability to bite, chew, and speak with the comfort you used to enjoy. The presence of your natural-looking restoration also brings with it some obvious benefits… Read more »

Limiting Your Risk For Needing A Root Canal

Does a cavity on your tooth mean that a root canal treatment is in your immediate future? Not necessarily – this procedure is only necessary for decay that has been able to access the interior of your tooth. If a cavity is caught soon enough, the restorative care you require can be less involved. Patients… Read more »

Take Trouble With A Dental Filling Seriously

A dental filling should offer your tooth long-term protection once it has been placed. A filling, the most conservative response to a cavity, will be crafted with composite resin. This material allows your dentist to give your restoration superior support, because it bonds directly to your tooth. Its appearance can match your enamel, so in… Read more »

What You Should Know About Life With A Dental Crown

If you have a more severe cavity, suffer dental damage, or have a tooth that is vulnerable due to developmental issues, you can find yourself needing a dental crown. Your dentist will place a crown because it can give necessary restorative support for your tooth, and function on its behalf. If you receive this restoration,… Read more »