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Understanding How Gum Disease Increases Your Tooth Loss Risk

Gum disease is a threat to more than just your gums – an untreated condition could eventually lead to tooth loss. Gingivitis refers to the early stage of a periodontal infection. You can notice signs like a swelling or reddening of the gums; more frequent bleeding is also a sign that something may be wrong…. Read more »

Tooth Loss Can Be A Real Threat To Your Oral Health

You would have a hard time finding someone who would argue that losing a tooth could improve your smile. A missing tooth can hurt how you look, but you should also pay attention to how it can hurt your oral health. Tooth loss can leave you facing the problem of no longer being able to… Read more »

Keeping Dental Prosthetics Stable With Dental Implants

How can you ensure that your dental prosthetic stays secure? Many patients depend on dental implants, which can be used to hold a single tooth restoration, but they can also help support a dental bridge, or partial or full dentures. To keep the implant in place, it must be surgically inserted into your jawbone. The… Read more »

Enjoying A Secure Dental Bridge

A dental prosthetic can correct the cosmetic issue a missing tooth causes. When you have a secure, permanently attached prosthetic, you can enjoy functional benefits as well. A dental bridge offers a means of securing a prosthetic without making oral surgery necessary. To secure the bridge, your dentist will apply two dental crowns to the… Read more »

Connecting Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

What sort of harm can gum disease do to your oral health? One major problem is that periodontal troubles today can cause issues that cause you to lose teeth. You could lose important support at the base of teeth, causing them to be weakened to the point of needing to be extracted. They could fall… Read more »

Quiz: Options For Replacing Lost Teeth

There are several ways you can go about replacing a lost tooth. Dental implants are popular with dentists and patients alike for providing a permanent replacement tooth, as well as support for your jaw. One problem (among several) with tooth loss is that when you no longer have a tooth root, the bone can deteriorate…. Read more »

Quiz: Restoring Incomplete Smiles

It can be hard to smile comfortably when you have even one missing tooth. Unfortunately, the problems caused by tooth loss are not just cosmetic. It can become harder to bite and chew when you eat, and you can start to deal with recurring jaw discomfort because of the adjustments you have to make. When… Read more »

Taking Care Of Tooth Loss With A Dental Bridge

Tooth loss can be an inconvenience when you try to bite, chew, and speak. It can also cause your self-confidence to take a hit. Over time, trying to accommodate the loss of teeth can leave you with chronic pain in your face and jaw. The most common reason an adult loses teeth is through complications… Read more »