Quiz: Life With Porcelain Veneers

If you are unsure of how the presence of porcelain veneers will affect your oral care needs, you may hesitate to inquire about them. The idea that your veneers are permanently placed on your teeth can give you pause. You may wonder how you protect them from harm, how they impact what you eat and drink, and how your brushing and flossing habits might be impacted. What you should know is that your daily dental care responsibilities will see little change after this cosmetic dental procedure. You should be thoughtful about what you choose to eat and drink, but you should know that your veneers are designed to resist staining, and are built to last. (more…)

Take Part In Reno’s Greek Festival August 18-20

From Friday, August 18 until Sunday, August 20, you and your family can take part in Reno’s Greek Festival. This event is a celebration of Greek culture and community, and will feature a number of activities you can take part in. You can dine on authentic Greek dishes, while enjoying music, dancing, and other activities. This three-day celebration will help people connect with their Greek heritage, while also helping introducing people to new customs and traditions. The Reno Greek Festival has been running for almost forty years, and the organizers look forward to another year providing delicious food, stirring music, and fun for families.  (more…)

Dental Implants Can Improve Your Prosthetic Experience

What should you expect from a dental prosthetic? The most visible task facing your restoration is to improve your smile. However, with the right support, you can enjoy real functional benefits, too. Dental implants have become popular among patients and professionals, because they offer a remarkable degree of stability and functional support. Once placed, a dental implant will act like a tooth root, albeit an artificial one, to hold your prosthetic in place. Implants are able to support single tooth restorations, but they can also be counted on to act as a stabilizing presence for dental bridges, and even dentures. (more…)

Are You Putting Too Much Strain On Your Dental Crown?

Your dental crown is more than just decoration – the restoration has to be able to support your tooth whenever you bite and chew. This is no minor accomplishment when you consider that our jaws can produce tremendous amounts of force. Luckily, strength does not have to come at the expense of your appearance, as porcelain crowns are able to perform biting and chewing tasks while looking like natural teeth. Of course, just like teeth, crowns may develop problems that demand attention from your dentist, especially if you have poor oral care habits, or tend to chew on hard substances. If you worry that your crown is damaged, or if it feels loose or weak, bring this to your dentist’s attention.  (more…)

Are You Overlooking Symptoms Of Gum Disease?

It would be a mistake to assume that a lack of tooth pain or sensitivity means your oral health is free of problems. For instance, a small cavity may need restorative dental care, but it may not be serious enough to cause you discomfort. Additionally, you may be ignoring symptoms of gum disease. If you are unfamiliar with the symptoms of gum disease, look for swelling or reddening of gum tissue. A recession of your gum line can also take place. Many people will start to notice something is wrong because they are more prone to bleed whenever they brush their teeth. If you see these signs, seek help. Without treatment, gum disease can become a serious issue for your oral health. (more…)

Take Part In Midtown’s ArtWalk July 27

On Thursday, July 27, Reno will open its streets so that residents can enjoy ArtWalk. This event puts the culture and entertainment of the Midtown District on full display for Reno families. Artists and local merchants will join forces to put together a remarkable sight, and you can enjoy live performances, music, and great food. July plays host to a month’s worth of art-related entertainment in Reno, thanks to the city’s Artown celebration. At ArtWalk, you can see firsthand how the city can merge its artist community with local businesses, and create an unforgettable evening the whole family can enjoy. (more…)

One Whitening Treatment Can Have A Big Impact On Your Smile

You can carefully brush and floss your teeth, and keep up with preventive dental appointments, and stay free of cavities, yet still have stains in your enamel gather. Patients can often be frustrated by how their teeth have grown dull over time, and become further frustrated still when a store bought product has limited success correcting this issue. What you should know is that with one professional whitening treatment, you can make a big improvement to your teeth. The bleaching gels used by your dentist attack below the surface of teeth, and make the kind of impact that leads to teeth being many shades brighter. (more…)

How Tooth Bonding And Contouring Can Change Your Smile

The goal of cosmetic dental work – a better smile – is straightforward, even if the path needed to reach that goal differs from patient to patient. One approach that can often be of benefit to patients is cosmetic bonding and contouring. This sequence of treatments makes it possible to reshape, resize, and whiten a problem tooth. These procedures can be performed together, and you may be able to leave with your results after just a single appointment. If you want to know if bonding and contouring will be appropriate for you, or if you have any other questions about cosmetic care, your dentist can outline your options during a cosmetic consultation. (more…)

3 Weekend-Centric Tips For Maintaining Good Oral Health

If you have a full-time job during the week, you – like so many people – likely look forward to your weekends. These days grant us precious time away from our daily grind, and (hopefully) you enjoy some much-needed relaxation. While many responsibilities can be left to tend to between Monday and Friday, oral care is a daily concern. In order to stay on top of your preventive dental care needs, watch out for weekend habits that might put your teeth in trouble for issues like gum disease and tooth decay. (more…)

Join Reno’s Arch Rivals Superhero Run On July 29

On Saturday, July 29, you can throw on your running shoes, your favorite cape, and your mask, and take part in the Arch Rivals Superhero Run! This event, a 3.1 mile run along the Truckee River, is no ordinary race. Participants are encouraged to show up ready to compete while dressed in tribute to their favorite costumed hero…or villain. This fun, invigorating race is a celebration of creativity and fitness, encouraging Reno residents to get some exercise, and have some fun! Everyone who signs up to run will receive a custom cape, a water blaster, and an opportunity to take home prizes for their running – and for their costumes! (more…)