How Comprehensive Dental Care Benefits Your Smile

What do you gain by selecting a family dentist who can offer comprehensive dental care? Having access to a dental office where you can enjoy a range of services means it will be more convenient to arrange treatments. It also means that when your dentist sees something wrong, they can take steps to correct the issue – you are less likely to be shuttled off from one professional to the next in order to fully fix a problem. Comprehensive care means more than just taking care of your oral health, as your dentist can offer different cosmetic dental treatments, too. (more…)

Quiz: How Cavities Are Treated – And Prevented

Routine visits with your dentist will help you prevent cavities, and make sure you have prompt treatment for a problem whenever you need it. While preventive appointments certainly lower your risk for issues like tooth decay, they do, unfortunately, sometimes still occur. If you arrive with an issue that needs to be addressed, your dentist’s response will hinge on how serious the cavity is. When a cavity is caught early, you may only need a dental filling, but bigger cavities can demand more involved actions. With smart care and recurring appointments, you can do a better job staying free from those issues that involve more advanced restorative procedures. (more…)

Addressing The Cosmetic Impact Of Fluorosis

For many people who exhibit signs of fluorosis, the effect on their smile is hard to notice. The telltale signs for milder cases, often white lines or streaks in teeth, may only be visible when your teeth are studied. That being said, other patients will have more prominent indicators which can affect their appearance. Fluorosis is not a condition that threatens your oral health. However, because it can disrupt your appearance, people who have teeth affected by it can be interested in cosmetic dental treatment to hide its effects. (more…)

Enjoy A Free 4th Of July Concert From Reno Phil

This Fourth Of July, you can take in a free concert performed by Reno Phil Orchestra And Chorus. The group will come together to play a lineup of stirring, patriotic pieces that will help you celebrate our nation. A part of the month-long Artown celebration, this event, conducted by Jason Altieri, will conclude its invigorating musical renditions with an impressive fireworks display. The event is free to the community, so Reno residents can take in a night of music AND fireworks at no cost. The concert is being held at Wingfield Park. (more…)

Maintaining Your Dental Bridge

Receiving your dental bridge means putting a permanent stop to many problems that can affect people with tooth loss. Because the bridge is stable, it can improve upon your ability to bite, chew, and speak with the comfort you used to enjoy. The presence of your natural-looking restoration also brings with it some obvious benefits to your appearance. Because it is permanently affixed, you may worry that the process of caring for your bridge will be complicated. However, if you exercise good oral care at home, and see your dentist when any problems arise, your restoration should maintain its good condition. (more…)

3 Dental Issues That Can Affect Aging Patients

Health changes, including changes to our oral health, can feel inevitable as we age. The care you put into your smile can certainly affect the degree of those changes. If you maintained poor oral care habits, your smile can look worn and unhealthy. Patients with advanced gum disease can find themselves dealing with tooth loss. That being said, even patients who exhibit great preventive dental habits can require help with problems that develop in your later years. If you are worried about the quality of your smile, set time to talk with your dentist. They can make sure your teeth stay healthy, and can discuss cosmetic dental treatment to preserve your appearance. (more…)

How Do I Make Sure My Gums Are Being Properly Cared For?

When you brush and floss your teeth effectively, you can be confident that your teeth are being cared for. However, you may be unsure of what you need to do to protect your gums from harm. Periodontal care is no minor concern – gum disease has been linked to other health problems, and can make your risk for adult tooth loss elevate sharply. The good news is that general preventive care at home through brushing and flossing can have a positive impact. Care from your dentist helps your gums, too. If your dentist sees that something might be wrong, they can provide you with a Perio Tray to help you fight an infection. (more…)

Check Out The Summer Family Art Festival July 15

July in Reno is all about the arts, thanks to the city’s renowned Artown series. On Saturday, July 15, you can bring your family out to the free Summer Family Art Festival, part of this month-long event. The Summer Family Art Festival is open to the public – no registration is needed. The experience includes several creation stations, face painting, a free book for each child in attendance, and more! This is a great way to connect your family with fun and exciting artistic pursuits, and one of the many ways you can take part in Artown! (more…)

Your Options For Addressing Smile Discoloration

Smile discoloration is capable of making you unhappy with what could be an otherwise healthy set of teeth. There is no single cause for this problem. One patient might seek help to address stains from a habit of smoking, while another might need to do something about discoloration caused by the eroding of enamel layers. Your dentist offers several different cosmetic dental treatments, including a professional whitening treatment. However, because patients have different discoloration caused by different issues, different responses can be recommended. If you feel unsure of what the right response might be, you can learn more about your individual needs with a cosmetic consultation. (more…)

Limiting Your Risk For Needing A Root Canal

Does a cavity on your tooth mean that a root canal treatment is in your immediate future? Not necessarily – this procedure is only necessary for decay that has been able to access the interior of your tooth. If a cavity is caught soon enough, the restorative care you require can be less involved. Patients who seek prompt treatment for tooth decay will typically only need a dental filling. How do you make sure you receive the care you need in time? Make sure you have recurring dental checkups, so that your dentist can find cavities early in their development. These visits, along with smart care at home, can help by lowering your overall cavity risk. (more…)