See The Reno Xtreme Barrel Race April 26-30

From Wednesday, April 26 through Sunday, April 30, you can check out the action as some top-tier barrel racers take part in the Reno Xtreme Barrel Race. Hosted at the Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center, this event is open to the public for FREE! In addition to exciting races, you can check out the trade show going on at the center, and meet the athletes in the races. Vendors will be on hand to offer merchandise and western art up for sale to the public. You and your family can enjoy four days of thrilling races, with amateurs and professionals represented. (more…)

Knowing What Your Comprehensive Dentist Can Do For You

A dental office offering comprehensive care can provide the level of oral health care to truly protect your smile. Of course, in addition to offering the preventive and restorative dental services that supply that protection, they can also offer cosmetic dental work to make improvements, too. Your smile can face a range of different threats. Cavities are certainly something to be concerned about, but your comprehensive dentist can also address matters like gum disease, or even sleep apnea. If you want to ensure you are enjoying the full benefits of comprehensive care, make sure you attend regular checkups. These allow your dentist regular opportunities to look in on your particular needs, and help keep your smile in top shape. (more…)

Using A Dental Filling To Address A Cavity

A dental filling is used after a cavity is removed to restore your tooth. Unfortunately, there is no way to save the portion of your tooth upset by spreading decay, and your dentist must remove it completely. To make up for this loss of material, a filling is put in place. By using composite resin, your dentist can provide you with a restoration that is bonded to your tooth. You also benefit from the appearance of your filling, as composite resin can closely match your surrounding enamel. (more…)

Could Your Morning Coffee Habit Be Hurting Your Smile?

Many of us count on a cup of coffee in the morning to help prepare for the day ahead. You may turn to the coffee machine in your company’s break room when you need another boost of energy later in the day, too. It is important to remember that too much coffee can lead to stains in your teeth. In time, those stains can settle and worsen, and you can find yourself wondering what happened to your bright, attractive smile. Of course, coffee is one of many potential causes of dental discoloration. If you need to reverse the effects of teeth stains, you should discuss a professional teeth whitening treatment with your dentist. They can provide you with a kit that contains professional-strength whitening agents, or you can come in for an appointment, where they can perform a whitening procedure. (more…)

Take Part In Reno Earth Day April 23

Twenty acres of space at Idlewild Park will be dedicated to the cause of sustainable living and environmental awareness during Reno’s Earth Day event on Sunday, April 23. There will be a gathering of more than 350 exhibits at the event, and families will be able to take part in fun activities, and learn more about their role in keeping our environment clean. The selected theme for this year’s Earth Day is “The Natural World, Clean and Green Technologies and Many Cultures.” You can also enjoy live performances, and explore special topic and theme areas when you arrive. Admission to the event is totally free! (more…)

Quiz: How Dental Implants Affect Your Prosthetic Experience

Why would you want to have a dental implant placed to hold a prosthetic? After all, you can ensure a replacement tooth stays in place with a dental bridge, which can be affixed without oral surgery. What you should know about dental implants is that they offer significant functional advantages, and some unique benefits. One major benefit to having an implant is that you can avoid jawbone resorption, a problem with losing bone mass in your jaw, which can occur after tooth loss. Implants can also make it easier to avoid losing more teeth after your initial tooth loss experience. (more…)

What You Can Learn During A Cosmetic Consultation

A consultation about cosmetic dental work can open you up to ideas for improving your smile you had not considered. Sure, you may have a clear idea (or several) about what you would like to change about how your teeth look. However, the path to achieve those improvements may not be clear. Your dentist can walk you through what to expect from different cosmetic dental procedures. They can also study your teeth, and incorporate their findings into their guidance. When you commit to cosmetic work, you can find a means of addressing problems that have frustrated you, and enjoy the lasting benefits of your dentist’s efforts. (more…)

Is It Time To Replace Your Dental Crown?

Your dental crown should provide protection and support for a tooth for many years. Your tooth will need that extended care. Once damage that requires restorative dental work occurs, the harm is essentially permanent. If you start to notice your crown looking worn down, or if it feels as if its fit is less secure, you can discuss concerns with your dentist. Upon review, they may determine that your crown needs to be replaced. This can also be a necessary step when your restoration suffers damage. (more…)

Are You Paying Attention To Your Periodontal Health?

How easily could you recognize signs of poor periodontal health? While many patients are aware that they need to be careful to avoid gum disease, there may be some confusion on the threat this condition poses. You may not feel pain, but your gums can look red, or swollen. You may notice that they are more sensitive, and will bleed more often when you brush. These changes can indicate that you are dealing with gingivitis. Your dentist can help by providing you with a Perio Tray, to fight the infection. It is important to seek prompt care if you think you are experiencing poor periodontal health, as gum disease that progresses into a more severe state can become permanent. (more…)

Check Out The Cinco De Mayo Festival In Reno April 29-30

The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno will dedicate a portion of its parking area to host a two day outdoor Cinco De Mayo Festival. The event will run on Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30. Throughout the event, you can see live music and other fun performances, enjoy delicious foods and drinks from different vendors, and check out specialty items for sale. The Cinco De Mayo festival offers families a weekend of fun, and a chance to learn more about Mexican culture. Kids’ and seniors’ discounted pricing is available, and a ticket purchase makes visitors eligible to check out all live performances associated with the festivities. (more…)