Can You Fit Cosmetic Dental Work Into Your Schedule?

You may want to do something about cosmetic dental flaws, but find it hard to imagine you will be able to fit a treatment into your schedule. If you are unfamiliar with the procedures your dentist can offer, you may assume this will involve a commitment of time that you simply will not be able to accept. What you should know is that there are cosmetic procedures that can be completed in less time than you might realize. In the case of a teeth whitening treatment, you can actually see results thanks to treatments you perform at home! (more…)

Reno’s Month-Long Artown Event Starts July 1

On Saturday, July 1, the city of Reno will kick off its beloved month long celebration of the arts, Artown. Instead of limiting itself to a day, or even a week, to pay tribute to the vibrant arts community, Reno offers all of July as a time to appreciate a thriving creative culture. There will be different events dedicated to showcasing art work, as well as interactive events like live music, and public film screenings. Many of the events taking place during Artown will be free! You and your family can find several wonderful opportunities to experience Reno’s creative spirit, with different events being dedicated to different mediums and interests. (more…)

Making Daily Diet Improvements That Protect Your Smile

Your teeth are exposed to risks each time you enjoy a meal. Oral bacteria will be able to feed on the sugars left behind on your teeth, and the digestive process of those bacteria can release acids that will eat into your enamel. By brushing and flossing regularly and effectively, you can remove those bacteria, and you can also remove anything left on your teeth that they can feeding on. Of course, when you pay attention to what you eat during the day, you can lower your risks. Sure, brushing and flossing are still vital, but you can lower your chances of suffering a cavity when you improve your diet. Combining smart daily care with routine dental care will help you sustain a healthy, problem-free smile. (more…)

Dental Implants Can Support Dentures

If you need dentures, or if you already have them, you may believe you are resigned to a prosthetic that offers fewer functional advantages than you would like. It may be difficult to eat certain foods, and you could have a hard time with your dentures slipping out of place when you speak. What you should know is that there is a way to keep your dentures permanently locked in position. Dental implants can be used to keep your restoration secure. This can make biting and chewing easier, and avoid comfort issues caused by a loose prosthetic. It can also protect you from jawbone resorption, a deterioration of your jaw that can occur after losing teeth. (more…)

Take Trouble With A Dental Filling Seriously

A dental filling should offer your tooth long-term protection once it has been placed. A filling, the most conservative response to a cavity, will be crafted with composite resin. This material allows your dentist to give your restoration superior support, because it bonds directly to your tooth. Its appearance can match your enamel, so in addition to durability and stability, you enjoy a limited impact on your appearance. Unfortunately, some patients will find themselves with an issue. The filling could come loose, or suffer damage. You may experience harm to the tooth structure surrounding it. If this occurs, make sure you promptly see your dentist for needed restorative dental work. (more…)

Porcelain Veneers Make Big Smile Improvements Possible

You might notice several flaws with your smile and assume it will take a serious combination of time and effort before you enjoy big cosmetic dental improvements. Patients who have several esthetic flaws can make a big change to how they look by having porcelain veneers placed. Porcelain veneers are custom-made shells that your dentist can permanently attach to the front of your teeth. Once they are in place, they will hide flaws like wear and tear and dental discoloration, as well as congenital issues. This is a permanent procedure. Once they are fitted on your teeth, veneers will stay. With smart care, you can ensure you enjoy a lasting smile improvement. (more…)

What You Should Know About Life With A Dental Crown

If you have a more severe cavity, suffer dental damage, or have a tooth that is vulnerable due to developmental issues, you can find yourself needing a dental crown. Your dentist will place a crown because it can give necessary restorative support for your tooth, and function on its behalf. If you receive this restoration, you should be able to count on it to hold up against biting and chewing pressures. If you have a crown that is not adequately protecting your tooth, or shows signs of worrying wear and tear, let your dentist know. (more…)

Check Out The Biggest Little City Wing Fest July 1-2

On Saturday, July 1, and Sunday, July 2, you and your family can check out an exciting event in downtown Reno. The Biggest Little City Wing Fest offers two days of fun and food for you to enjoy. Some top-tier chicken wings will be available to you, as each year the event brings in more than 20,000 pounds of chicken wings! You will also enjoy free live music, contests, street vendors, and more! For dedicated wing enthusiasts, the VIP Hen House dining experience can put you in direct contact with the wings available at the Biggest Little City Wing Fest. The event is sponsored by the Silver City Legacy Resort Casino. (more…)

Major Smile Improvements From Your Comprehensive Dentist

If your smile faces some major issues, the process of fully rehabilitating your teeth can take several procedures. For some patients, restoring how they look will call for a combination of restorative and cosmetic dental work, followed by a commitment to regular checkups for preventive care. Access to a comprehensive dental practice means you can arrange to undergo a variety of important services. Having a dentist who can offer a range of treatments can give you a real shot at transforming your smile, and revitalizing your oral health. (more…)

Understanding How Gum Disease Increases Your Tooth Loss Risk

Gum disease is a threat to more than just your gums – an untreated condition could eventually lead to tooth loss. Gingivitis refers to the early stage of a periodontal infection. You can notice signs like a swelling or reddening of the gums; more frequent bleeding is also a sign that something may be wrong. When you notice these issues, your dentist can provide help with a Perio Tray, which allows you to directly combat an infection at home. When nothing is done about gum disease in the earlier stage, your condition can grow more severe. Advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, can damage bone and soft tissue keeping your teeth in place. Periodontitis is not something your dentist can reverse, and you can require extra care to have your condition managed. (more…)