The Connection Between Gum Disease and Stroke

At Wager Evans Dental, we believe in a strong connection between your oral health and your overall health. It’s clear that maintaining oral health is essential to optimal wellness, and this month is the perfect time to bring attention to one of the reasons this connection is so important.

The month of May is National Stroke Awareness Month. While you may wonder what stroke awareness is doing on a dental blog, it’s important to know that strokes are much more closely related to your oral health than you may have thought.

In addition to being linked to health issues like tooth loss, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s, gum disease is a leading risk factor for strokes.

Researchers have been trying to prove this connection for years, and, last month, the Seoul National University College of Dentistry in Seoul, North Korea, found that gum disease is twice as likely to cause strokes than it is to cause diabetes. Also, gum disease is equally as likely to cause strokes as it is to cause high blood pressure.

So, where does this connection come from? A stroke occurs when a ruptured blood vessel or impaired blood flow causes brain hemorrhaging (bleeding) or when a clot blocks a blood vessel. Dr. Wu, a stroke expert from the State University of New York at Buffalo, says that bacteria are to blame. Harmful bacteria enter the bloodstream from the mouth, stimulating blood clotting, damaging the lining of blood vessels, and increasing the risk of stroke.

The bottom line: take care of your dental health to reduce your risk of gum disease and stroke.  The best way to protect yourself is by having regular dental exams and cleanings every six months and brushing and flossing daily at home.

We’re Dr. Brian Evans and Dr. William Wager, and the health and wellbeing of our patients is our top priority. We want to help you maintain optimal oral health and a high quality of life. For more information about gum disease, oral hygiene, or to schedule an appointment, call our dental office in Reno, Nevada, at (775) 829-7700.

Order CloSYS and have improved oral health with the click of a button!

At Wager Evans Dental, we make your oral health our top priority. That’s why we recommend the CloSYS oral health care system to our patients.

CloSYS products are designed to work together to kill germs at the source, while making your mouth cleaner and healthier. Brushing with CloSYS toothpaste, rinsing with CloSYS oral rinse instead of water, and using CloSYS oral spray between brushings is the optimal system for oral health.

We specifically believe in the power Cloristan, the CloSYS oral rinse product. This powerful, patented ingredient kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria in 10 seconds. Cloristan is completely safe, as it is made from stabilized chlorine dioxide, an effective antibacterial agent that is considered to be one of the safest ingredients used in the health care industry.

You do not need a prescription to use CloSYS. In fact, you can order the products by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Wager Evans Dental website.

We invite you to call our dental office in Reno, Nevada at (775) 829-7700 if you have any questions about the CloSYS system or your oral hygiene in general. We look forward to hearing from you!

How often should you go to the dentist?

How often do you need to go to the dentist?

Any guesses? The correct answer is every 6 months, but most people go much longer between visits to the dentist’s office. The truth is, if you’re overdue for a dental checkup, you might be putting yourself at risk for developing serious oral and overall health problems.

The American Dental Association suggests sticking to the 6-month rule, and the team at Wager Evans Dental agrees. Oral health problems, such as periodontal disease, oral cancer, and tooth decay, can usually be effectively treated when caught early, and we look for signs of these conditions, plus more, at your dental checkups.

Additionally, we will look at each tooth in your mouth to assess problems like cracks and wearing, as well as old fillings and other dental work to see if it needs replacing. If your deteriorated metal restorations need replacing, we will most likely suggest using tooth-colored alternative restorations, such as crowns and metal-free fillings.

By checking your mouth for signs of trouble every 6 months, your potential for danger is greatly reduced. For example, if left untreated, a small cavity can grow to destroy an entire tooth and spread to surrounding teeth. If that cavity is caught early, it can be filled before the damage spreads.

Don’t put yourself at risk for developing debilitating and lifelong dental and overall health problems. Be proactive and come to the dentist every 6 months.

We’re Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans, and we give complete dental care to patients from Spanish Springs, Dayton, Fernley, and the surrounding areas. Call our dental office in Reno, Nevada, at (775) 829-7700 to schedule an appointment.

Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry for a Brand New Smile

If you look in the mirror and see minor flaws in your smile, you should be aware that there are two cosmetic dental procedures that offer fast, effective solutions: bonding and contouring.

The process of adding to tooth structure is called bonding. The practice of reshaping teeth by removing tooth structure is called recontouring. Usually, bonding and contouring occur during one appointment and may be done separately or in conjunction with one another.

Bonding is done with composite resin, which is the same material used for all-white fillings. This procedure is usually used to close a gap between teeth or to repair a chip in a tooth. These restorations will be tinted to match your existing tooth structure, so it will appear unnoticeable. Bonding can also be used as a permanent teeth whitening solution.

Contouring can be used to smooth sharp canine teeth or soften rough or jagged edges on teeth. A tiny portion of enamel is gently removed during recontouring for a smoother, softer, appearance.

We’re Dr. Brian Evans and Dr. William Wager, and we recommend bonding and contouring to patients with a chipped, gapped, or misshapen smile. Make an appointment in our dental office today by calling (775) 829-7700. Conveniently located in Reno, Nevada, we welcome residents from Spanish Springs, Sparks, Incline Village, Dayton, Fernley, and the surrounding areas.

Complete Your Smile with Dentures

Missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment, but your oral health and appearance may decline, as well.

Without a full set of teeth, the structure of your face is less supported, causing your facial muscles to sag and make you look older. The inability to bite and chew properly can lead to malnourishment or improper nourishment, which can lead to overall health issues. Speaking may become difficult, limiting your social interactions. Additionally, missing teeth prompt remaining teeth to shift in an effort to compensate for the gaps.

If you’re missing most or all of your teeth, you know how debilitating the condition can be. Dentures may be the best treatment option for you.

We offer two kinds of dentures at Wager Evans Dental. A partial denture replaces multiple teeth on the upper or lower arch. Partial dentures fill the spaces between your teeth so that your smile looks complete, healthy, and functions properly. Partials attach to neighboring teeth with unnoticeable clasps.

Full dentures, on the other hand, are a complete row of prosthetic teeth attached to a gum-colored base. A set of full dentures can replace all upper and/or lower teeth.

The one complaint that we hear the most about dentures is that they can loosen, wobble, or slip out of place. Over time, the ridges on your jaw will wear down from friction, which can cause your dentures to fit less securely. In this situation, dentures must be realigned and adjusted.

Adhesive creams can secure your dentures, but we suggest implant-retained dentures for the most natural and secure fit.

We’re Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans, and we recommend dentures for patients looking for a solid, reliable, and attractive smile. Call our dental office in Reno, Nevada, at (775) 829-7700 to learn more about dentures and dental restorations.

Stay Away from a Mouth Full of Metal

If you had a cavity filled when you were younger, it’s extremely likely that it was filled with a dark, amalgam filling, which were initially developed from a combination of silver, zinc, copper, tin, and mercury. Over time, these fillings wear down and can start to deteriorate. Often, this deterioration can lead to leakage, which allows you to come in contact with these heavy-metal materials, which can be harmful to your health. This leakage can also lead to further tooth decay.

Traditional fillings are dark in color and, therefore, draw attention away from your otherwise bright, white smile. To avoid these cosmetic and health problems that are associated with amalgam fillings, we use metal-free composite resin to create dependable, natural-looking dental fillings.

Metal-free fillings will protect your oral health and keep your smile’s appearance intact. If you need to have a cavity filled, we will tint the composite resin so that your restoration blends in with your surrounding tooth structure. All-white fillings bond directly to your tooth, so your restoration is durable and functions just like a natural tooth would. These fillings also allow for less removal of healthy tooth, so they are a conservative treatment option for cavities and tooth decay.

We’re Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans, and we encourage you to call our office at (775) 829-7700 to make an appointment so that we can discuss transforming and restoring your smile with all-white fillings. Wager Evans Dental, conveniently located in Reno, Nevada, serves families from Spanish Springs, Sparks, Incline Village, Dayton, Fernley, and the surrounding areas.

Get a New Lease on Your Smile and Your Life with Dental Implants

Did you know that individuals with full smiles tend to live longer than those with missing teeth? Also, did you know that people with healthy, visually appealing smiles tend to be more successful both personally and professionally?

You deserve a high-quality lifestyle, without having to worry about dietary restrictions, health concerns, and the embarrassment that often accompanies tooth loss. I’m Dr. William Wager, a dentist in Reno, Nevada, and I can renew your smile and improve your quality of life with dental implants.

Dental implants are the closest prosthetic to natural teeth. Dental implants are made up of two parts: a small, titanium post that serves as the root of your tooth, and a porcelain replacement tooth that functions as the crown.

Implants are just like natural teeth. You care for them and use them just as you would your natural teeth. With the proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, which means that you never have to worry about eating, speaking, and biting normally ever again. Additionally, dental implants are amazing restorative dental devices because they can stimulate your jawbone and promote jawbone growth. This protects you from tooth loss and change of your facial structure in the future.

Dental implants can replace a single tooth or stabilize a denture, partial, or bridge. I also offer mini implants for an immediate-placement option for implant dentures. Patients with jawbone deterioration are often good candidates for mini implants.

If you are ready to renew your smile and get a new lease on life, I encourage you to schedule a consultation appointment at Wager Evans Dental. If you decide to proceed with treatment following your consultation, I can place and restore you dental implants right here in my office, allowing me to manage your total care under one roof. You most likely will not need to see a specialist because your entire smile makeover can be completed in my Reno dental office.

Perio Protect Puts Peridontal Disease in its Place

I’m Dr. Brian Evans of Wager Evans Dental, and because my partner, Dr. Wager, and I understand the impact dental health can have on your whole body and wellbeing, we place special emphasis on disease prevention.

At each of your routine dental checkups and cleanings, we will perform a thorough exam to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to inflammation, pain, and even tooth loss, so we make it a priority to monitor your mouth and offer advice to protect your oral health.

If you develop gum disease, we may suggest treatment with Perio Protect, an effective, convenient, non-surgical therapy.

Perio Protect is a comprehensive method that is customized specifically for the patient to help manage communities of bacteria that grow in the spaces or pockets between teeth and gum tissue. The primary goal of this system is to manage bacteria with minimally invasive dentistry for lasting oral health.

Using dental impressions, your Perio Tray will be custom deigned to fit your mouth, and then sent with a prescription to a certified dental laboratory. You will receive detailed instructions about how to use your device based on your individual needs. For most patients, the Perio Tray is used for only a few minutes each day.

We are proud to offer such advanced technology to our patients, and the response to the treatment has been overwhelmingly positive. Patients have described the Perio Tray as comfortable, convenient, and easy to use.

To find out if Perio Protect is right for you, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Reno, Nevada, dental office by calling (775) 829-7700.

Enter to Win at Wager Evans Dental

Wager Evans Dental recently kicked off a brand new giveaway program! Next time you’re in our office, be sure to look for the fish bowl at the front desk.

Ask any member of the office team about our short, 5-question survey, and make sure you fill it out and drop it in the fishbowl. By taking a minute to answer these questions, you are helping your dental care team take better care of you. The opinion of our patients is very important to us. We want to know how we’re doing so that we can give you the best care possible.

Also, by taking a minute to answer the questions, you will enter a drawing for a fantastic prize package! Once a month for the next 6 months, we will draw a name from the fishbowl to win a Crest/Oral B gift bag. Each gift bag comes with a new, top-of-the-line Oral B electric toothbrush, two tubes of Pro-Health toothpaste, and Pro-Health nighttime mouth rinse.

Be sure to drop your survey in the bowl next time you’re in the office. Also, don’t forget to include your email address on the survey so that you receive special Wager Evans Dental emails, news, and promotions.

If you have postponed a routine dental checkup and cleaning, make an appointment to come in soon and take advantage of this great giveaway. Patient Ed Ng did, and he won the first giveaway just last week!

To schedule an appointment, please call our dental office in Reno, Nevada, at (775) 829-7700.

Porcelain Veneers for a Visually Beautiful Smile

Take a look at a picture of your favorite celebrity. Chances are, one of the first things you notice will be the star’s “perfect” teeth. While you may be envious of the Hollywood lifestyle, there’s no reason to lust after a great grin. You can have one of your own with porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are known as the smile makeover procedure for a reason. They can give you your own version of a perfect smile in one cosmetic dental procedure. Veneers are thin, durable, porcelain shells that adhere directly to the front surface of your teeth. This creates a natural looking, visually appealing smile that is sure to help you give off a great first impression.

I’m Dr. Brian Evans, a cosmetic dentist in Reno, Nevada, and I recommend porcelain veneers to many of my patients to correct several different cosmetic dental problems. Porcelain veneers may be the answer to your smile woes if you have:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Permanently stained teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Gaps between your teeth

Porcelain veneers are just as strong as natural teeth and can last for at least 15 years with proper care. They are also stain resistant, so you never have to worry about whitening your teeth to maintain their bright, white appearance.

Overall, the goal of cosmetic dentistry is to give you a healthy, beautiful, natural-looking smile, so I will work with you to design a smile makeover treatment plan that best fits your needs and appearance. I will take into account several factors, such as your coloring, face shape, and natural tooth structure, to ensure that your new smile does not look bulky or fake.

If you are ready to look in the mirror and fall in love with your smile, I invite you to schedule a consultation to see if porcelain veneers can give you the smile you have been dreaming of. Please call (775) 829-7700 for more information.