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Do You Have An Extra Bone In Your Mouth?

You may have an extra bone in your mouth and not know it. If you do it is called a torus–a harmless, slow-growing bone. Tori is plural for torus. Tori vary in size and are often found via dental x-rays. Because Tori are harmless and usually don’t cause pain or other problems, they often go… Read more »

Aphthous Ulcer FAQs

Do you have an aphthous ulcer? You may have had, at one time or another. They aren’t very common, but they can be very uncomfortable. Have you ever had a sore in your mouth? Chances are you have. It may have only lasted a day or two then you probably forgot all about it. In… Read more »

Stomatitis: Not a Stomach Disease

What is stomatitis? No, it is not a stomach disease. “Stoma” is latin for “mouth” and “itis” is the suffix for inflammatory diseases. Therefore, stomatitis is a sore or inflammation that occurs in your mouth. Stomatitis sounds more serious than it is but it can be uncomfortable. It can make eating, drinking, and speaking difficult…. Read more »

Is Your Toothpaste Right For You?

Do you ever end up confused when trying to choose a toothpaste? With the many different brands and varieties on the market it is easy to become confused. Which toothpaste is right for you? Do you have sensitive teeth? Do you have gingivitis, periodontal disease, bad breath? Are you hoping to get your teeth a… Read more »

Keeping Warm This Winter And The Effect On Your Teeth

Many people don’t like the winter months because they are so cold and dreary. Other people love winter activities such as skiing, ice skating, and snowmobiling. Still other people find the winter months a cozy time to hunker down indoors and read, watch TV, spend time on their hobby, play games with family, etc. Regardless… Read more »

Did You Kiss Under The Mistletoe?

The holidays are a festive time of year. People decorate their homes to the hilt with lights, trees, garland, and…mistletoe. There isn’t just an abundance of decorations and festivities during the holidays, there is also an abundance of bacteria being transferred from person to person by shaking hands, hugging, tasting each other’s drinks (not recommended),… Read more »

Dental Terms

Most likely you’ve been to the dentist twice a year for most of your life, but do you always know what your dental team is talking about? How about when you read dental blogs or articles to keep up on your oral health? Do you understand all of the technical terms? Probably not, unless you… Read more »