Celebrating The State On Nevada Day

Are you ready to celebrate the great state of Nevada? On Saturday, October 28, you and your family can enjoy a day full of fun during Nevada Day celebrations in Carson City. In addition to a large parade consisting of more than two hundred entries, there will be a variety of different activities taking place throughout the city. You can also look forward to the presence of many food and drink vendors offering a range of tasty treats. The theme of the event is Arts And Entertainment, as the organizers want to showcase the deep talent of Nevada’s creative culture. (more…)

Why People Choose To Seek Out Cosmetic Dental Treatment

What would it take to motivate you to discuss cosmetic dental treatment with your dentist? Many patients, while aware of issues with their smile they would like to change, can be unfamiliar with how cosmetic treatment can help them. If you simply assume your dentist will not be able to make the kinds of changes you hope for, you can miss out on beneficial care. Some patients will decide to take a chance on cosmetic care because of a big life event coming up. Others may simply grow tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a smile they are unhappy with. If you have an interest in cosmetic dentistry – for any reason – let your dentist know. You can be surprised at how much good a procedure can do for you. (more…)

Take Good Care Of Your Smile By Taking Care Of Your Gums

A mouth that is cavity-free is not always a mouth that could be considered problem-free. If you have poor gum health, you face a potentially serious issue. If gum disease has the opportunity to worsen, you can develop problems with dental support, and suffer tooth loss later in life. Your dentist will take time during a regular dental visit to check on the condition of your periodontal tissue. However, you can also keep an eye out for potential problems. Look out for gums that appear swollen or red, and be mindful of sensitivity. If you find yourself bleeding more easily when you brush, this can also be a sign of trouble. (more…)

3 Reasons To Replace A Single Missing Tooth

Is one missing tooth really cause for alarm? If the tooth is located in noticeable part of your smile, you can be eager to replace it. A smile gap can make people embarrassed, even to the point that they try to hide their smile! However, people who lose a tooth in a less visible area may be less clear on the need to receive proper prosthetic dental support. You should understand that in addition to cosmetic problems, tooth loss can cause real functional concerns. If you need to replace a lost tooth, you should know that a dental implant can effectively act like a tooth root, and provide excellent lasting support for your restoration. (more…)

Check Out Pumpkin Palooza In Downtown Sparks Oct 22

On Sunday, October 22, you and your family can head out to downtown Sparks and take part in Pumpkin Palooza! During this special event, a range of all-ages activities will offer attendees a great time. You can watch, or take part in, a pumpkin derby. There will be a kids’ costume parade, and multiple carnival-style games on hand. There will also be live entertainment booked for the event, and a few invigorating contests. This event has become a standout fall event in Nevada. This year, you and your family can check out the Pumpkin Palooza and see why it has grown so popular. (more…)

Looking For Ways To Make Your Smile Whiter

If you are worried about the color of your smile, you may have spent time looking at store bought products that promise to help. You may have already tried a remedy you picked up at your nearby pharmacy or grocery store. Patients who try these products can ultimately be disappointed in the results they enjoy. With a professional whitening treatment, you can see bigger changes. Professional whitening agents are able to take care of stains that over the counter agents and toothpastes can leave untouched. (more…)

3 Facts You Should Know About Tooth Loss

One prominent issue patients worry about is tooth loss. This problem, which most often occurs because of issues created by gum disease, can lead to cosmetic and functional problems. While your image of tooth loss may involve a smile with many gaps, it only takes one missing tooth to create trouble. There are several possible solutions for tooth loss. When you look into prosthetic support, know that dental implants offer big advantages. In addition to helping improve the functional value of your restoration, the presence of implants means avoiding jawbone resorption, which can interfere with your oral health, and have a negative impact on how you look. (more…)

Planning The Placement Of Your New Dental Crown

Having a dental crown that fits comfortably is important. After all, you will be relying on this dental restoration for many years, and you need to feel certain you can count on it to hold up when you bite and chew food. This is why the planning of your crown placement is important. Your dentist will take precise measurements, so your restoration is the right size that you need. They will also do preparatory work for your tooth, to make room for your crown. Once this is completed, and your crown is made, you can return to have it placed. (more…)

Experience The Reno Mural Expo Oct 13-15

This October, Reno families can check out the Reno Mural Expo, a three day experience where twenty different artists will work to produce new murals for the city. The event is a celebration of the large, impressive murals that can be found throughout Reno. You can witness a group of national and international artists come together to work on roughly twenty thousand feet of wall space, in order to add dynamic new images to the area. There will also be a series of lectures, screenings, exhibits, and other activities, including mural tours, and local entertainment. (more…)

Why You Shouldn’t Delay A Root Canal Treatment You Need

A root canal treatment provides relief from a serious threat to your tooth. In many instances, a root canal will be needed when a cavity creates problems within your tooth. In other instances, your dentist may need to perform this restorative procedure in the aftermath of physical dental harm, particularly if your tooth’s pulp is exposed after suffering a crack. If you need this treatment, scheduling and undergoing it as soon as possible is important. After all, waiting for care means potentially spending more time in pain. You could also suffer a degree of damage that cannot be fixed. If this happens, you can lose your tooth! (more…)