Are Your Older Restorations Still In Good Shape?

The purpose of a dental restoration is to make sure a tooth has sufficient support for biting and chewing pressures, and protection against infection. While dental fillings and dental crowns are frequently seen as intended for teeth in need of a cavity treatment, crowns are also used in cases where a person suffers physical damage that affects a tooth’s health and condition. When they are put in place, it is expected that they will hold up for many years. With that said, if you have an older restoration, or one that feels uncomfortable or insecure, bring the matter to the attention of your dentist. If you have a filling or crown in need of replacement, ignoring the problem can put you at risk for problems. (more…)

Fitting In A Bonding Treatment Before An Important Event

Would you like to make cosmetic improvements to your smile before that important event, but feel you will not have the time to make your desired changes? If you want to look your best before a class reunion, job interview, or other significant event, you may be able to see remarkable changes in less time than you expect. When you inquire about a dental bonding treatment, you can learn how your dentist can fix a variety of tooth problems with a procedure that can be completed in just one appointment! Dental bonding involves the application of composite resin to a tooth in need of esthetic improvement. That material, which is also used for dental fillings, can bond to the tooth, and hide problems like discoloration, damage, and other abnormalities that draw unwanted attention. (more…)

Quiz: What Are The Benefits That Come With Routine Exams?

What is it about routine dental exams that make them so important to your overall oral health? Can they really do more to help you prevent dental troubles if you already take care to brush and floss, and monitor your diet? While daily care is crucial to your smile’s condition, there are also vital benefits to regular exams that can help you keep on top of your oral health needs. When you see your dentist, your smile is checked for any possible issues that might affect you – that includes a cavity check, as well as a check for gum disease, and signs of harmful conditions like oral cancer. Unless you are told to plan around a different schedule, you should anticipate seeing your dentist every six months. (more…)

Porcelain Veneers Put Amazing Smile Changes Within Reach

How many positive cosmetic changes can you make when you have porcelain veneers affixed to your teeth? With this single procedure, it becomes possible to make a stunning smile transformation. The first step in the process will involve taking measurements to determine the size for your veneers, and preparing your smile for their placement. When these custom cosmetic restorations are ready, your dentist will permanently bond them over the front of your teeth, where they will cover up whatever issues might be affecting the way you look. Modern cosmetic dental work can do amazing things for your smile. If you want to find out what approach is the right one for you, arrange a time to discuss your interest with your dentist. (more…)

Restoring Your Smile When You Have Several Dental Issues

If you need to do something about a cavity, you can schedule an appointment for the necessary restorative dental care. If you need to do something about several dental problems, you may be intimidated by the level of care you assume your smile requires. This is particularly true if you are dealing with advanced tooth decay, or other dental problems, like tooth loss. Fortunately, your dentist is prepared to work with you to address many different problems. Our practice proudly provides comprehensive dental care, meaning you and your dentist can create a plan for restoring your smile, and you can enjoy that care all under the same roof!  (more…)

How Long Will It Take To Make Notable Smile Changes?

When you look at your smile, and picture how you would like your smile to look after addressing dental flaws, you may imagine a considerable time gap between the present, and that vision. This can be especially true if you are interested in making many different changes. Fortunately, cosmetic dental procedures are able to make considerable changes in relatively little time. One way your dentist can help is by placing porcelain veneers on your teeth. When veneers are used to make cosmetic corrections, you can have a smile makeover complete over the course of just two appointments. Our practice is proud to offer many cosmetic procedures, and we can help you make sure you have the opportunity to show off a smile that you are truly excited to share! (more…)

Learn How A Dental Implant-Supported Prosthetic Can Help You

What can you gain when you have your dental prosthetic held in place with a dental implant? This modern approach to addressing an incomplete smile can offer the daily advantage of a more secure restoration, which can make it easier to bite and chew. An implant is set directly in your jawbone – because it is made from biocompatible titanium, your jawbone will actually fuse with when you heal. This can make your prosthetic more comfortable, because the support given by your implant mimics the kind of support teeth enjoy from their roots. With that said, comfort and functional advantages are not the only benefits to this treatment. You can actually prevent the loss of jawbone density, a problem that develops over the years when a person has lost teeth. (more…)

Modern Dental Care Makes It Easier To Stay Comfortable

The right dental care experience is one where you can count on comprehensive oral health support. With that said, you should also feel that your comfort is a real priority for your dentist. Advancements in modern dental care have produced techniques that make the fields of preventive and restorative dental care more comfortable for patients, while also making more advanced work possible. Your dentist can see to it that you feel as comfortable as possible, even when you need to undergo something like a root canal procedure. To help you during more involved work, or to help you if you struggle with dental anxiety, dental sedation can be provided. (more…)

Are You Leaving Areas Of Your Smile Unclean When You Brush?

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day will help you fight cavities and gum disease, and maintain an attractive appearance. So if you brush consistently, and see your dentist for regular dental checkups, you should have nothing to worry about…right? When it comes to daily oral care, you should be careful to make sure that you are thorough in your efforts. If you fail to fully clean your teeth, you can allow plaque to gather, and tartar to form. Patients can discover they need a cavity treatment despite their apparent efforts because of that inconsistency. If you want to fully clean your teeth, you need to work at it effectively. You also need to do more than just brush – to effectively reach those spaces between teeth, you need to floss. (more…)

Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Gum Disease?

You do not need to be an expert in the dental field to benefit from more knowledge about gum disease. If the problem is not sufficiently addressed, it can put your oral health, and your regular health, in jeopardy. Research has actually found possible links between gum disease and a person’s risk for heart disease – your periodontal health is not a minor concern. While the effects can be serious, gum disease can be easily identified and treated. Your dentist can recognize signs of trouble during a routine preventive dental visit. You can also recognize signs of trouble if your gums appear red or swollen. It may also be the root cause of chronic bad breath. Your dentist can provide support with a Perio Tray, which allows you to take targeted action against an infection in your gum tissue.  (more…)