Food Tips for Restful Sleep

Trouble sleeping? “Don’t eat before bed” is common advice. When your body is hampered by the digestion process, some people find it hard to relax. However, for some, a small snack can actually help them unwind. Your Reno sleep dentists have some suggestions on foods to eat, and foods to avoid, before you lay your head down on your pillow at night.


How to Protect Your Cosmetic Dental Work

Woman with Beautiful SmileIf you have an unattractive smile, you may feel self-conscious in social settings, preventing you from living life to the fullest. Even the simplest adjustments to your smile can dramatically improve your appearance. At Wager Evans Dental, we offer cosmetic services to improve the look of your teeth and encourage you to smile with confidence. We provide teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, tooth contouring, and bonding. All of these services can boost your self-esteem and help you smile with pride.

While cosmetic dentistry can dramatically improve your smile, you must still maintain your cosmetic dental work with care and detail. The following is a list of ways you can preserve your smile makeover, enjoying its benefits for years to come. (more…)

School Physicals for Your Kids’ Mouths in Reno

Though your kids may be on a year-round school schedule, fall is on the way, and with it comes thoughts of back-to-school for most of the nation. Along with an athletic physical for your young athlete, you should remember to book a semi-annual dental checkup. Not only will Dr. Wager or Dr. Evans evaluate your child’s dental health and development, our team can fashion a custom-fitted mouthguard to protect against dental injuries and reduce the risk of concussion during sports.

The Dental Checkup

Children age four and older should visit Wager Evans Dental for a complete dental checkup and cleaning twice a year, or every six months. At this appointment, our kid-friendly staff will help your children learn important techniques for effective brushing and flossing. We can also discuss healthy eating, alternatives to sports and energy drinks, and whether braces might be needed. The dentist will evaluate x-rays to identify development concerns or cavities below the gum line and between teeth. After a checkup, if gum disease isn’t present, your student will undergo a cleaning with one of our hygienists. This will involve removing built-up plaque and tartar from teeth, which will reduce the risk for cavities and gingivitis. The hygienist can recommend dental products that are best suited for your child, as well. (more…)

How Dental Cleanings Help You Prevent Gum Disease

In our previous blogs, we discussed how preventive dentistry can help save your life with frequent oral cancer screenings, meaning these twice yearly checkups can save your life. This week, our Reno dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans, will explain how dental cleanings every six months can help protect your quality of life by preventing gum disease.

The Importance of Periodontal Disease Prevention

Gum disease prevention is one of the most important measures you can take for your oral health. While gum disease is highly treatable in the early stages, there is no cure. Periodontal disease can ravage your oral health by destroying the connective tissues between your teeth and gums. In the later stages, periodontitis can also infect your jawbone, causing your teeth to become loose and fall out. By scheduling regular dental cleanings, you can avoid this devastating effect of gum disease.

Dental Cleanings in Reno

At a dental cleaning, our Reno dentists will assess your gum health by looking for signs of gingival infection. Some symptoms of gum disease include red or swollen gum tissue, gingival bleeding, foul breath, or loose teeth.

Scaling and root planing, will remove the plaque buildup causing periodontal infection. This method is called deep cleaning because scaling goes beneath the gum line to clean around the tooth root and gums. Root planing smoothes the tooth roots to prevent further bacteria from latching on to a rough surface and to encourage reattachment of the periodontal tissue.

At these dental cleanings, our Reno dentists can also give you tips for better at-home oral hygiene to prevent gum disease from worsening. We can assess your risk factors and make suggestions for contributing to a healthier mouth. (more…)

Sports Bars, Energy Drinks, and Your Teeth

Woman Eating Energy BarFitness is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a recent study found that weight loss helps defend against gum disease. That’s good news for our patients who love sports and athletic training. While running, cycling, and other forms of exercise can improve your oral health, the foods you may consume while participating in these activities can potentially hurt your teeth.

Harmful bacteria that attach to food lodged between your teeth weaken tooth enamel and leave you at risk for developing cavities. Sugary foods and drinks are well-known culprits of tooth decay. Many of the energy bars and drinks on the market today are high in sugar. What you may not realize is that even the brands with less sugar and more nutritious ingredients could harm your teeth. (more…)

Oral Cancer Screening in Reno

Taking care of your oral health is about more than cavities and gingivitis. At every dental checkup with our Reno dentists, you can expect that we take preventive dentistry seriously. Not only will our dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans scour your mouth for signs of tooth decay and gum disease, but also symptoms of a much deadlier oral health condition, oral cancer.

Checking for Signs of Oral Cancer

During your oral cancer screening, our Reno dentist will be looking for signs like lumps in your throat, unusual lesions that appear white or splotchy, persistent ulcers, and other suspicious symptoms. Since oral cancer affects your appetite, tell Dr. Wager or Dr. Evans if you have experienced unexplained dramatic weight loss. You should also mention any changes in the way your teeth fit together, or changes in your voice.

Risk Factors of Mouth Cancer

With these risk factors for oral cancer, tell our Reno dentist if you smoke, use smokeless tobacco, drink large quantities of alcohol, use tanning beds, or have excessive sun exposure. Other risk factors include your age—patients over 40 are more likely to have mouth cancer—and if you have a family history of oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Screenings Save Lives

The best step you can take for your oral health and your total wellbeing is to schedule regular dental checkups for oral cancer screenings. With about 8,000 mouth cancer fatalities predicted by the Oral Cancer Foundation for this year alone, it is not worth the risk. With early detection and treatment of oral cancer, patients have an increased chance at a good prognosis. (more…)

What to Expect at a Dental Examination with Your Reno Dentists

You may already believe you know what a dental checkup entails. If you follow recommendations by the American Dental Association, you have probably had many checkups in your life, at least twice a year. Many people expect that dental checkups and cleanings are all about cavities. While these dental issues play a major role in preventive dental care, in the grand scheme of oral health issues, detecting cavities is not the most important aspect of a dental checkup. Our Reno dentists are here to explain what you can expect from our preventive dental care.

We Want to Evaluate Your Overall Wellbeing

Before our Reno dentist begins looking around in your mouth, we want to know specific information about your health. Many overall health issues can be closely related to your dental health. For instance, tell your dentist if you have diabetes or if you have had diabetes complications recently. We are also interested in knowing about bouts of rheumatoid arthritis, if you are thinking of becoming pregnant, or struggling with frequent migraines. Believe it or not, all of this information can have a big impact on your oral health and vice versa.

We Want to Know About Hidden Dental Issues

After catching up on your current health situation, our Reno dentist may take dental X-rays. These radiographs will give our experienced professionals insight into what is happening below the surface. For instance, X-rays can show us weak spots in your tooth where decay is beginning to form even below previous dental restorations like fillings. We can also see signs of jawbone deterioration from missing teeth or gum disease. Additionally, dental X-rays shed light on impacted wisdom teeth and tooth alignment. (more…)

Dental Implant FAQs Answered by Your Reno Dentists

What makes up a dental implant?

Dental implants are essentially made of three parts. The dental crown is the exposed portion of the dental implant that looks like your natural teeth. This part of the restoration is shaped to exact specifications to replace a molar, incisor, cuspid, or bicuspid and its original function. The second part of your dental implant is the coping. This connects the crown to the implanted rod.

The part of your dental implant which makes it different from any other dental restoration is the root. This biocompatible titanium rod is implanted into your jawbone. The bone will bond to the rod, allowing for superior security with your artificial tooth. The titanium rod allows your dental implant to move with your jawbone, giving you the ultimate flexibility with speaking and chewing.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

While dental implants are a great option for tooth replacement, not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. For instance, dental implants need a solid foundation for bonding to your jawbone. That’s why your alveolar bone must be strong and healthy. Many patients run into difficulty with this requirement since some people experience jawbone shrinkage with tooth loss.

For these patients, our dental office in Reno has options for replacing teeth. Bone grafting can build back jawbone strength and provide a sufficient area for bonding a dental implant. Bridges, and partial dentures are also great options for replacing a missing tooth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Security with eating and speaking
  • Ease with dental hygiene
  • Dental implants can last for a lifetime
  • Look and feel like natural teeth
  • Prevents dental issues like malocclusion and jawbone deterioration (more…)

Porcelain Veneers Quiz from Reno Cosmetic Dentists

Q1. Which of the following describes porcelain veneers?

A. Thin porcelain shells that cover the front of your tooth

B. A porcelain restoration that replaces the crown of your tooth

C. A filling for a cavity

D. An artificial tooth that replaces a missing tooth


Q2. Which of the following is a cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers?

A. Porcelain crowns

B. Dental bonding

C. Dentures

D. Dental implants


Q3. True or False: Veneers can cover chipped teeth, discoloration, and smile gaps.


Q4. True or False: Porcelain veneers offer a smile makeover in as little as two office visits. (more…)

Cosmetic Dentistry in Reno, Nevada

Are you curious about how cosmetic dentistry can enhance the appearance of your smile? In recent years, cosmetic dentistry has become very popular. In fact, professional teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the United States. Fortunately, our team at Wager Evans Dental can produce flawless, beautiful smiles with innovative methods. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, feel free to take the short quiz below.

Reno Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz

Q1. What types of smile imperfections can porcelain veneers conceal?

  • Chipped teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • All of the above

Q2. How many shades can professional teeth whitening brighten your smile?

  • Up to ten shades
  • About 2 shades
  • None of the above

Q3. What is cosmetic dental bonding?

  • Permanent tooth replacement
  • A technique that utilizes tooth-colored composite resin to conceal smile imperfections
  • Adhesives for dentures

Q4. What are the benefits of white crowns and fillings?

  • Natural appearance
  • Biocompatibility
  • White restorations are both discreet and durable
  • All of the above (more…)