3 Facts You Should Know About Tooth Loss

3 Facts You Should Know About Tooth Loss

Posted September 11, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

One prominent issue patients worry about is tooth loss. This problem, which most often occurs because of issues created by gum disease, can lead to cosmetic and functional problems. While your image of tooth loss may involve a smile with many gaps, it only takes one missing tooth to create trouble. There are several possible solutions for tooth loss. When you look into prosthetic support, know that dental implants offer big advantages. In addition to helping improve the functional value of your restoration, the presence of implants means avoiding jawbone resorption, which can interfere with your oral health, and have a negative impact on how you look.

1. Gum Disease Is The Leading Reason Adults Lose Teeth

What kind of risk do you face for tooth loss? If you ignore signs of gum disease, your risk is certainly elevated – gum disease is the leading reason adults will lose teeth in their lifetimes. When you see symptoms of poor periodontal health, a Perio Tray from your dentist can help you recover.

2. If You Fail To Address Tooth Loss, You Can Face Several Oral Health Issues

Your comfortable jaw function may be interfered with because of just one gap. Accommodating an absence can lead to wear and tear on other teeth, and further losses. Your jawbone’s health depends on the roots of teeth creating stimulation in the bone.

3. You Can Use Dental Implants To Hold Larger Restorations

Dental implants can act as the prosthetic root for your replacement tooth, but this is not the only way they can help patients. If you need a larger restoration, like dentures, your dentist can create a permanent hold with implants.

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