Dental Sealants & Fluoride

Easy Ways to Protect Your Smile

We all want to give our family’s smiles the best care possible. When an extra level of protection is needed, talk to your Reno dental team at Wager Evans about the sensational protective qualities of dental sealants and fluoride. And remember, they aren’t just for kids!

Dental Sealants

Are you prone to getting cavities? It may not be because you don’t know how to clean your teeth – it could be because your teeth have lots of texture! Pits, cracks, ridges, unevenness, and deep grooves can all grab food and plaque and keep it close to your enamel, leading to damage, decay, and even infection. Dental sealants work so well because, not only do they add a protective coating, they smooth over those bumps and grooves. The new surface of your tooth makes cleaning easier and discourages sticking food.

Sealants from Wager Evans Dental are made of a thin plastic coating brushed onto the outside of the tooth. The sealants adhere to the surface of the tooth which stops bacteria from settling on the teeth. Sealants not only help prevent cavities but can also be placed on top of some cavities to stop further decay. These sealants last for several years, but often need to be reapplied. Dr. Evans will check on your sealants at each visit to let you know when it is time for reapplication.


No matter how well you brush and floss, your teeth are under constant attack. All kinds of things can affect your dental health including almost everything you eat and drink, clenching and grinding, and dry mouth. Our Reno Fluoride care, including in-office fluoride treatments, can add an extra wall of defense against the stress daily life can place on your teeth by:

  • Defending Your Roots – fluoride treatments help harden the exposed root surfaces, protect your exposed roots from harmful bacteria, and keep you from having to have root-surface fillings
  • Preserving Your Dental Work– having a fluoride application at every hygiene appointment can extend longevity by protecting your micro-margins
  • Protecting Your Teeth From Dry Mouth – Your saliva helps protect your teeth. When it isn’t as present as it should be, fluoride can come to the rescue
  • Lessening Sensitivity – routine application of in-office fluoride can help in remineralizing teeth and lessen sensitivity

How to Add Fluoride at Home

Fluoride can be found in an abundance of places. At Reno’s Wager Evans Dental we will help you find ways to add fluoride into your daily life. Some of these ways are:

  • Brushing 2-3 times a day with fluoride enriched toothpaste
  • Fluoride rinses
  • Drinking water. Fluoride is found naturally occurring in most water sources
  • Take a supplement of fluoride. Talk to Dr. Evans about getting a prescription for this supplement based on your personal fluoride needs

Your teeth will thank you!

I’ve been going to Wager Evans for 10 years. I used to be so scared of the dentist, but Dr. Evans is so gentle and tells you everything that he’s doing. The staff here is the best! Everyone is so friendly! This is a great office all around!

-Michelle K.