TMJ Therapy

Your oral and overall health are tied together, not only does cleaning affect your health but so does the function of your mouth and teeth. Temporomandibular disorder also known as TMJ affects the joints and jaw muscles that makes it possible to open and close your mouth, affecting your oral health. This can be a very painful disorder that can stop the muscles in your jaw from working properly. It is a very common disorder with teens and adults but can be very hard to live with.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Teeth Grinding
  • Clenching of Jaw or Teeth
  • Small Fractures on Your Teeth
  • Jaw and/or Joint Pain
  • Frequent Headaches or Neck Pain

If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you may have a TMJ disorder. It is important to locate the problem by talking to Dr. Evans as to not cause any further injury to your teeth and jaw. Most people feel that this pain is not dental related, but the first person you should call in this instance is Dr. Evans, he will be able to help find the cause and create your unique treatment plan.

What Causes TMJ?

  • Teeth Grinding
  • Arthritis
  • Dislocation
  • Injury
  • Tooth and Jaw alignment
  • Stress

Part of the dental exam is to check for joint problems. In order to get a proper diagnosis, you should talk to your dentist when you start experiencing symptoms to help find the cause. There are different treatments that can help reduce the pain associated with your TMJ.

What Treatments are Available for TMJ?

Due to the many different causes and severity of TMJ there are a lot of different treatments that can be used to help in curing you. Those treatments are:

  • Avoid Chewing Gum
  • Practice Relaxation Techniques
  • Medications Prescribed by Your Dentist for Pain

Learn More About TMJ

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