Dental Crowns

Reno’s Choice for Strong Smiles

Dental crowns from Reno’s Wager Evans Dental often become a smile’s crowning glory. In fact, our crowns are so natural-looking, so long-lasting, and so attractive that most patients forget which tooth has been fixed. It’s the perfect solution for all kinds of dental issues from restorative to cosmetic.

Lasting Protection–Artistic Design

To get a crown (or almost any other dental restoration) your dentist needs to take a digital scan – and it can be unpleasant. Because Dr. Evans has invested in iTero digital imaging, getting your scans for a crown is easier and more accurate than ever. Some people even find it kind of fun! Digital scans remove the need for the complicated process that traditional scans used to be. Instead of requiring that you bite down on a mouthful of gooey, gaggy impression materials, we take a digital scan of your bite that creates an intricate 3D-image. With our digital scan system, the only thing that touches your teeth is the tip of a hand-held wand. How’s that for comfort and convenience? Once the scan is complete, we print a 3D model, send it to our local, world-class lab along with your scans. Our lab artists hand stack, shape, stain, and polish your crown from the most beautiful and durable materials. That means that each restoration is artistically designed, hand-finished, and made to last. And best of all, our owner-operated lab is right around the corner!

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

You work hard. You probably play hard too. And sometimes all that living can take its toll on your teeth. Do you have a tooth that:

  • Is discolored or misshapen
  • Has an extra-large cavity or severe decay
  • Is cracked, badly chipped, fractured, or otherwise damaged
  • Has been worn down by clenching or grinding
  • Needs a root canal?

Then a dental crown might be just the solution that saves your tooth! And dental crowns are so durable, so lifelike, that we even use them to replace missing teeth in bridgework and with implants!

How do Dental Crowns Work?

Also called a cap, dental crowns completely cover, stabilize, and rebuild your tooth structure above the gumline. This is especially helpful when a composite filling, inlay, or onlay just won’t offer sufficient strength.

Our dental crowns can be personally tailored to you thanks to our local laboratory that’s equipped with state-of-the-art technology where they create stunning restorations made of precision milled zirconia. This durable material is then carefully finished with hand-stacked porcelain over top of the zirconia for a completely custom, artistic finish. They can even match the coloring of the new dental crown to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

We often opt for full zirconia crowns for your posterior teeth or molars where strength is our biggest concern. For these cases, we always insist on 100 percent satisfaction before moving forward with cementing them in place. If it’s not perfect, and you’re not pleased, we send your restoration back to the lab for adjustment. Remember, when life shows up in your smile, dental crowns from Reno’s smilemakers at Wager Evans Dental can get you back in the game and functioning like a champ!