Laser Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease affects the entire health of your body. Dr. Evans believes in oral systemic healthcare, meaning he knows that oral issues can be a sign of your entire health. He stays up-to-date on all technology that helps his patients. A new technology in helping periodontal disease is the use of lasers. By using laser periodontal therapy, Dr. Evans is providing quality care for all of his patients.

How Does Laser Periodontal Therapy Work?

Traditional ways of taking care of periodontal disease involve scaling and root planning. These are nonsurgical procedures that involve cleaning the tooth and root of the tartar, plaque, and bacteria which causes the disease. Sometimes, if needed, the dentist will perform gum flap surgery which involves the cutting the gum tissue to get underneath it in order to clean the root of the tooth, then being stitched back into place.

What Are the Risks and Benefits?

  • No anesthesia is needed
  • Lasers are precise and accurate
  • Bleeding, pain, and swelling are limited because laser therapy is less invasive than traditional surgery
  • Recovery time is shorter


Dr. Evans will go over the aftercare steps with you once you have received laser therapy, but regular brushing and flossing techniques are still encouraged to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you have any more questions, be sure to talk with Dr. Evans and his team.

Learn More About Laser Therapy

If you are experiencing periodontal disease, then it could be a viable option for you to undergo laser therapy. Talk to Dr. Evans to see if this would be the right treatment plan for you. Click here to request an appointment or call our office today at (775) 829-7700. Located in Reno, NV, we proudly welcome residents from South Meadows, Double Diamond, Caughlin Ranch, Donner Springs, Meadowood, Sommersett, Arrowcreek, and all surrounding communities.