3 Reasons To Replace A Single Missing Tooth

3 Reasons To Replace A Single Missing Tooth

Posted September 18, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

Is one missing tooth really cause for alarm? If the tooth is located in noticeable part of your smile, you can be eager to replace it. A smile gap can make people embarrassed, even to the point that they try to hide their smile! However, people who lose a tooth in a less visible area may be less clear on the need to receive proper prosthetic dental support. You should understand that in addition to cosmetic problems, tooth loss can cause real functional concerns. If you need to replace a lost tooth, you should know that a dental implant can effectively act like a tooth root, and provide excellent lasting support for your restoration.

1. Having One Lost Tooth Can Be Enough To Affect How You Bite And Chew Food

Working around a gap in your smile can tax your jaw, and put excess strain on particular teeth. That increase in activity can lead to certain teeth becoming worn down at an accelerated rate.

2. Your Neighboring Teeth Are More Likely To Move, And More Likely To Be Lost

Your teeth are kept in place partly thanks to how close they are to their neighbors. If you leave a tooth next to an empty space, you are more susceptible to that tooth moving, and being lost.

3. You Deserve A Smile You Feel Good About

There are ways in which tooth loss can affect your oral health, but the impact on your appearance deserves attention, too. If you feel self-conscious about tooth loss that others can see when you smile, you can feel frustrated, and quickly grow tired of that embarrassed feeling. Your dentist can supply you with a replacement tooth that fits in effectively enough to make your smile look the way it used to.

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