Dental Bonding Can Lead To Smile Improvements In Less Time

Dental Bonding Can Lead To Smile Improvements In Less Time

Posted February 14, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

A dental bonding treatment can put you closer to a great new smile than you might expect. The procedure provides the ability to address several different problems – some of the benefits of this procedure might surprise you. People turn to dental bonding to hide dental damage, and discoloration. It can also be used to close gaps between teeth, by adding to an undersized tooth, and to correct for other congenital flaws. These remarkable changes can be provided within a single visit to your dentist. If you want to ensure your smile looks great before an upcoming event – a high school reunion, a wedding, or some other gathering – you might be able to enjoy your new smile sooner than you think.

How A One-Visit Cosmetic Dental Treatment Is Possible

While the development and placement of porcelain veneers will require two visits, dental bonding can often be done in a single trip. Your dentist applies composite resin directly, and shapes it so that it addresses whatever problem you want to remedy. At a certain point, the number of teeth you receive work on can call for a follow-up appointment. That being said, many people will see their desired final results after a single appointment.

Understanding Your Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options

If you have questions about how your smile can be improved, set a time to discuss your interest with your dentist. They can help you understand what kind of work will be required to make the changes you are after, and can help you anticipate how long it will take to complete. Choosing the right cosmetic treatment can lead to a remarkable change in your appearance.