Dental Implants Can Do More Than Hold A Single Tooth

Dental Implants Can Do More Than Hold A Single Tooth

Posted June 30, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

dental implants can do more than hold a single tooth When it comes to taking care of a lost tooth, a dental implant can be effective, reliable, and even beneficial to your jaw’s health. Unlike other prosthetic types, having an implant means addressing the loss of a tooth AND its root. Once the implant is successfully placed, and has had proper time to heal, your dentist can use a dental crown as a replacement tooth. However, dental implants are not necessarily just for replacing individual lost teeth. If you have struggled with the stability of dentures, you should know that hybrid dentures, a set of dentures held in place by a sequence of implants, are available.

Using Dental Implants To Hold A Set Of Dentures

By using dental implants to hold your dentures in their proper place, you can forgo having to rely on adhesives, or counting on natural suction to hold their position. This can make it easier to go about your day without worrying that they are poorly secured, or uncomfortable. The implants also have benefits for your jaw health.

Health Advantages From Dental Implants

What you may not realize is that the loss of a tooth can have an effect on your jaw’s health. A tooth’s root creates stimulation that helps keep your jawbone supplied with nutrients. Implants can restore that stimulation, while other prosthetic options are unable to provide this function.

Problem With Tooth Loss? Gum Disease May Be Responsible

One way to defend yourself against tooth loss is to take gum disease seriously. Without timely treatment, an infection can do real harm to the support for your teeth. Your dentist can offer help with your periodontal health.