Keeping Dental Prosthetics Stable With Dental Implants

Keeping Dental Prosthetics Stable With Dental Implants

Posted February 8, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

How can you ensure that your dental prosthetic stays secure? Many patients depend on dental implants, which can be used to hold a single tooth restoration, but they can also help support a dental bridge, or partial or full dentures. To keep the implant in place, it must be surgically inserted into your jawbone. The biocompatible titanium post enjoys extra support after healing, because your jawbone will fuse with it. Once the healing process is complete, your implants are capable of permanently keeping a restoration in place. In some cases, mini dental implants may be recommended.

Dental Implants Can Hold A Range Of Different Prosthetic Types

Dental implants act like a sort of artificial tooth root, but that does not mean you need an implant for every individual replacement tooth. A sequence of implants can actually keep partial or full dentures in their proper position. Dental implants can help you avoid the looseness that can be experienced with removable prosthetics. They can also help by stopping jawbone resorption, an issue where your jawbone deteriorates over time after tooth loss has occurred.

Using Mini Dental Implants

Some patients will not be optimal candidates for dental implants. If concerns arise about your jaw’s ability to support placement, mini implants may be a workable substitute.

Limiting Your Risk For Tooth Loss With Periodontal Care

If you want to keep your teeth right where they are, pay attention to your gum health. If gum disease develops and is not reversed in time, advanced periodontitis can cause tooth loss. To help when gum disease starts to develop, your dentist can provide you with a Perio Tray.