Learn How A Dental Implant-Supported Prosthetic Can Help You

Learn How A Dental Implant-Supported Prosthetic Can Help You

Posted June 6, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

What can you gain when you have your dental prosthetic held in place with a dental implant? This modern approach to addressing an incomplete smile can offer the daily advantage of a more secure restoration, which can make it easier to bite and chew. An implant is set directly in your jawbone – because it is made from biocompatible titanium, your jawbone will actually fuse with when you heal. This can make your prosthetic more comfortable, because the support given by your implant mimics the kind of support teeth enjoy from their roots. With that said, comfort and functional advantages are not the only benefits to this treatment. You can actually prevent the loss of jawbone density, a problem that develops over the years when a person has lost teeth.

Seeking The Best Prosthetic Solution For Your Smile

When you see your dentist about restoring your incomplete smile, they can examine your oral health to determine the best treatment course. There are cases where existing gum disease, or a weakened jawbone, will delay the implant placement procedure. With that said, after you are approved, and your implant has been placed, you can have your prosthetic secured. While an implant can support an individual restoration – essentially acting like an artificial tooth root – you can use a sequence of implants to hold dentures, too.

Comprehensive Dental Care Can Help You Fully Address Oral Health Issues

When you have access to care from a dental practice offering comprehensive oral health support, you can look forward to an amazing treatment experience. Our practice can help you recover from advanced, longstanding issues with your teeth. You can receive help for active tooth decay and gum disease, and you can count on support in your effort to address tooth loss.

Talk To Wager-Evans Dental About Dental Implants

At Wager-Evans Dental, you can enjoy a fantastic, dedicated treatment experience when you seek prosthetic dental support. Our practice is proud to help patients regain their complete smile, while also helping them enjoy the oral health advantages that come with implant support. To schedule a consultation or your next dental appointment, contact us today  by calling (775) 829-7700. Located in Reno, NV, we proudly welcome residents from South Meadows, Double Diamond, Caughlin Ranch, Donner Springs, Meadowood, Sommersett, Arrow Creek, and all other nearby communities.