Planning Implant Placement And Restoration With Your Dentist

Planning Implant Placement And Restoration With Your Dentist

Posted March 5, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

You can work with your dentist to plan impressive – and important – restorative work for your incomplete smile. Thanks to dental implants, patients have been able to enjoy dental prosthetic work that can improve the comfort of their replacement work, as well as its stability, and ability to bite and chew. While many dental practices will send patients to an oral surgeon for their implant placement, your dentist have the training and experience to successfully perform this at the office. Once your prosthetic is secured to that implant, you can look forward to having a complete smile that looks great, while also giving you back your ability to bite and chew tougher foods.

Why Should I Have Implants Placed To Support My Prosthetic?

Dental implants offer the kind of support that will make it easier for you to bite and chew food. They can also make for a more comfortable experience, as your restoration is held permanently in the proper position. There is also a major oral health benefit concerning the health of your jaw. Tooth loss can lead to a problem known as jawbone resorption, where your jawbone will deteriorate over time. Implants stimulate the bone, encouraging the proper nutrient delivery and keeping it healthy.

What To Expect From Your Implant Placement And Restoration

The first part of any prosthetic work will involve a consultation with your dentist. They will make sure you can be approved for implant placement. In some cases, problems like gum disease will demand treatment before moving forward. Once approved, you will receive your implant – or implants – and have your prosthetic secured after the appropriate healing period passes.

In cases where your jawbone is weaker, mini-implants can be used instead of standard implants. Mini-implants also make it possible for your dentist to safely and comfortably provide you with permanent support for dentures.

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