Quiz: Restoring Incomplete Smiles

Quiz: Restoring Incomplete Smiles

Posted August 31, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

quiz restoring incomplete smiles It can be hard to smile comfortably when you have even one missing tooth. Unfortunately, the problems caused by tooth loss are not just cosmetic. It can become harder to bite and chew when you eat, and you can start to deal with recurring jaw discomfort because of the adjustments you have to make. When you leave tooth loss untreated, it can lead to losing more teeth. There are several ways for your dentist to restore a lost tooth. You can permanently replace a lost tooth by having a prosthetic supported by a dental implant. The implant benefits your jaw health, and avoids interfering with neighboring teeth. You can also secure a permanent replacement with a dental bridge, which enables you to enjoy real stability without requiring you to undergo oral surgery.


True Or False: A dental bridge stays permanently in position, but it takes oral surgery to secure it.

True Or False: A dental implant is made from a biocompatible material, so when your jaw heals, it will fuse with the implant.

True Or False: You can have mini implants inserted as a means of holding a set of dentures.


False! Unlike with a dental implant, no oral surgery is called for when you receive a dental bridge. The process of receiving the bridge involves having two crowns placed on the neighboring teeth.

True! Part of how an implant provides the degree of support it does is because your bone will fuse to it as you heal.

True! Hybrid dentures are available; these implant-supported dentures can help you enjoy dentures without having to put up with a lack of stability.