Teeth Whitening Solutions for the Holidays

Teeth Whitening Solutions for the Holidays

Posted December 9, 2011 by Wager-Evans Dental

Over-The-Counter Whitening

The whitening kits that you find at big box stores and grocery stores can whiten teeth but may not be potent enough to make a dramatic difference in the color of your teeth. Professional whitening solutions are safe and reliable and can whiten teeth 8-10 shades in some cases. As the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure, teeth whitening can make a person appear younger and more attractive. Drs. Wager and Evans offer in-office and take-home whitening options in Reno.

What Causes Teeth to Yellow?

Tooth enamel is porous, so it can soak up stains. Various agents and factors contribute to the external discoloration of teeth, called extrensic stains. Using tobacco and consuming of pigmented foods and drinks, like tea, cola, coffee, and red wine, are prominent causes of yellowing. Age, too, causes teeth to discolor. From inside teeth, tetracycline medications (some antibiotics) can cause a brown or blue staining, and swallowing fluoride as a child can cause horizontal white lines called fluorosis. These are called intrinsic stains.

New In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening in Reno

In-office teeth whitening will lighten or eliminate most extrensic stains. Wager Evans Dental is happy to introduce our new in-office system called Sinsational Smile. Sinsational Smile is FDA approved and uses LED technology in combination with revolutionary whitening gel formula.

The teeth whitening gel is specifically designed to brighten tooth enamel faster than most systems. Sinsational Smile only takes about 20 minutes (half the time of other in-office solutions) and doesn’t require as many applications. Of course, the number of treatments varies based on need and preference, but you will notice a significant difference after just one treatment!

The effects of whitening solutions vary, and factors like diet, medications, age, and tobacco use can affect how long results last. Whitening solutions are most effective when a professional cleaning precedes treatment.

Wager Evans Dental also offers take-home whitening solutions for people who prefer a more gradual whitening effect. The process is simple and only takes 2-4 weeks of treatment for a few hours a day. You’ll receive custom-fitted bleaching trays and professional bleaching gel. When you’re ready to start whitening, simply apply a thin layer of the gel to the trays, then wear the trays as directed. The trays may be reused for simple touch-ups or secondary treatments; you will just need to  contact our office for more gel.

Visit Drs. Wager and Evans for your dental cleaning and talk about whitening solutions. Call (775) 829-7700 today to schedule your appointment in our Reno dentist office. Wager Evans Dental is invested in your overall health and quality of life.