Restore An Unsightly Tooth With A Dental Bonding Treatment

Restore An Unsightly Tooth With A Dental Bonding Treatment

Posted November 4, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

restore-an-unsightly-tooth-with-a-dental-bonding-treatment A dental bonding treatment can be an effective remedy against an unsightly tooth. While a professional whitening treatment only deals with tooth color, your dentist can actually address several problems with a single bonding treatment. Some patients who elect to undergo a this procedure will do so in response to a dental injury that has affected one – or several – teeth. In other cases, a poorly or improperly developed tooth can have its appearance corrected through this process. You can typically have a dental bonding treatment in less time – and at less cost – than porcelain veneers.

Using Dental Bonding To Cover Up Unsightly Damages

In a dental bonding treatment, your dentist relies on composite resin to make positive changes to your tooth. This can mean hiding chips and cracks, or correcting misshapen or damaged teeth. The process will typically only take a single appointment, but needing work done on too many teeth may make a follow-up visit necessary.

More Significant Injuries Can Call For Restorative Dental Care

Your problems may need something more than cosmetic work. If a tooth is damaged too seriously, or has an impaired ability to function, it may take restorative dental work to correct your issue. You can see a positive change in your smile, and in your dental function, if you have a dental crown placed on your problem tooth. With a porcelain crown, your restoration will look like your natural tooth. The protective cap will improve how you look, while also making it easier to use that tooth when biting and chewing.