The Long-Term Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

The Long-Term Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

Posted May 31, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

long-term benefits of porcelain veneers It would be surprising to find someone who hopes that the improvements gained from a cosmetic dental treatment will be short-lived. If you seek professional help in improving your smile, you presumably want those results to last. One reason so many patients will elect to receive porcelain veneers is that they provide a long-term improvement. The porcelain material used to create veneers is durable enough to stay in good condition for a long period of time. They are stain-resistant, and intended as a permanent addition to your smile.

Porcelain Veneers Can Bring Longer-Lasting Improvements To Your Smile

The durability of porcelain veneers means that they can provide benefits that last longer than other cosmetic treatments. Before they are placed, your dentist may have to remove a small portion of your enamel to make room for them. This modification to your teeth means that your veneers are intended to stay in place. They are strong enough to withstand the daily pressures exerted on your teeth when you eat, and their material can resist discoloration.

Taking Care Of Your Veneers

You should continue to brush and floss your teeth after you receive veneers, just as you did before. The cleaning you receive during routine checkups will also help keep them in good shape. If you are concerned about how to preserve their appearance, you can talk to your dentist.

Dental Bonding Can Be A Lower-Cost Alternative To Veneers

A cosmetic bonding procedure involves your dentist expertly applying the resin material used for fillings to the surface of your tooth. This can cover flaws, and hide discoloration, at a lower cost than if you received veneers. However, the resin material is not as durable, and can be more likely to become discolored.