Got a Cavity? Get a Tooth Filling

Got a Cavity? Get a Tooth Filling

Posted October 16, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

Worried Get a Tooth Filling Worried you might have a cavity? If you’ve noticed discoloration like grey or black lines forming along a tooth’s crevices, or are experiencing sensitivity or pain isolated to a single tooth, it is very likely due to a cavity. Most adults will experience at least one cavity in their lifetimes. But the good news is that treatment for a cavity is actually quite simple, and it doesn’t have to compromise the appearance of your smile, either. Modern, tooth-colored fillings are a wonderful alternative to the shiny metal fillings used in years past. They’re also sturdy, create tight seals of protection, and almost seamlessly blend in with your teeth. So, if you’ve been diagnosed with a cavity or suspect you may have one, it’s time to stop worrying. Restorative treatment can help!

How Treatment Works

Before a filling can be applied, the dentist will first need to thoroughly clean and sterilize the affected tooth. In the case that the decay has led to an infection, root canal therapy may be necessary to save the tooth. But in most cases, a filling is enough to restore a patient’s oral health after experiencing a cavity.

After preparing the area, the dentist will apply a composite resin material that settles into the tooth, creating a protective barrier that can prevent further decay. This material actually bonds better with teeth than the metal alternatives, and it’s more cosmetically appealing as well, which is why it’s also often used in cosmetic procedures.

The substance is then hardened using a special light, creating a beautiful restoration that should allow you to eat and speak as you did before your cavity, without pain and without any worry that all people will see when they look at your smile is a filling.