Does A Chipped Tooth Need Cosmetic Or Restorative Work?

Your chipped tooth may be unpleasant to look at, but is the problem also a threat to your oral health? Relatively minor dental injuries can lead to some confusion. While you may be aware of its effects on your smile, it can be hard to know how much damage a relatively small chip has done to your tooth. Your Reno, NV dentist’s office can provide an examination, and determine what course of action is appropriate. They can let you know if a tooth is only in need of cosmetic dental work, or if the damage needs to be addressed through restorative dental treatmentContinue reading “Does A Chipped Tooth Need Cosmetic Or Restorative Work?”

Did You Know You Could Have A Tooth-Colored Filling?

The right materials can make a big difference in just about any setting. When it comes to restorative dental work, having the right material for your dental filling makes it possible to preserve the appearance of your tooth. Because your Reno, NV dentist’s office provides composite resin fillings, you can have expert cavity care without worrying what your restoration will do to your smile. You can also look forward to an impressive degree of support, as composite resin actually bonds directly with your enamel. This means that in addition to looking more like your natural tooth, your filling will enjoy more support, and you can have fewer concerns about your filling shifting, or loosening. Continue reading “Did You Know You Could Have A Tooth-Colored Filling?”

How Can You Tell If A Toothache Will Call For A Root Canal?

Your tooth hurts when you try to put pressure on it. You feel uncomfortable when it is exposed to heat, or cold. You may even feel persistent pain throughout your day. When you have some, or all, of these problems, what can your Reno, NV dentist’s office do to help? Many people who experience chronic pain or sensitivity in their tooth are experiencing the effects of an infection, which will require a root canal treatment. This restorative dental procedure offers important help in your fight against advanced cavities and infections. Without care, your tooth’s condition can continue to worsen until you have to have it removed! An infection also creates a risk because it can spread through the root of your tooth, and continue to do harm. Continue reading “How Can You Tell If A Toothache Will Call For A Root Canal?”

Should I Have An Old Dental Crown Replaced?

Are you concerned with an older dental crown that feels less secure, or seems to offer less support? It is important to remember that crowns are expected to offer protection for a tooth against future dental troubles, while also absorbing biting and chewing pressures. Both of these qualities contribute to your overall oral health – an infection in a tooth can lead to obvious concerns, and a compromised bite can create unexpected difficulties. Let your Reno, NV dentist know if you think your older crown might need to be replaced. You can receive a modern dental crown that provides excellent support, and you can look forward to the cosmetic benefits that come with a modern, life-like crown made from ceramic.  Continue reading “Should I Have An Old Dental Crown Replaced?”

Do You Know How Harmful A Cavity Can Be To A Tooth?

Are you doing enough to make sure that your teeth are completely safe from cavities? Tooth decay poses a real threat to your oral health, and if a problem goes without treatment, you can suffer some unpleasant complications. Did you know that a cavity will eventually do irreparable harm if it is not treated? Did you know that a cavity can make it possible for bacteria to spread into your jawbone, and affect other teeth? Your oral health care affects your appearance, and it can impact your overall well-being. Your Reno, NV dentist is ready to help if you need restorative dental care, and we welcome patients looking to enjoy preventive care.  Continue reading “Do You Know How Harmful A Cavity Can Be To A Tooth?”

Addressing Your More Significant Smile Concerns

Through modern restorative dental work, your Reno, NV dentist can help you maintain your best smile when a problem arises. Patients who maintain a good oral care regimen, and seek regular dental checkups, may only need a dental filling to address a problem. However, not everyone is so diligent about their oral care. If you are looking to address more serious dental problems, you should know that modern care is available to you. Through the appropriate treatment or treatments, your dentist can provide you with care that returns your teeth to good health. Because modern care uses life-like materials to construct restorations, your treatment can also lead to terrific smile improvements. Continue reading “Addressing Your More Significant Smile Concerns”

Are Your Older Restorations Still In Good Shape?

The purpose of a dental restoration is to make sure a tooth has sufficient support for biting and chewing pressures, and protection against infection. While dental fillings and dental crowns are frequently seen as intended for teeth in need of a cavity treatment, crowns are also used in cases where a person suffers physical damage that affects a tooth’s health and condition. When they are put in place, it is expected that they will hold up for many years. With that said, if you have an older restoration, or one that feels uncomfortable or insecure, bring the matter to the attention of your dentist. If you have a filling or crown in need of replacement, ignoring the problem can put you at risk for problems. Continue reading “Are Your Older Restorations Still In Good Shape?”

Restoring Your Smile When You Have Several Dental Issues

If you need to do something about a cavity, you can schedule an appointment for the necessary restorative dental care. If you need to do something about several dental problems, you may be intimidated by the level of care you assume your smile requires. This is particularly true if you are dealing with advanced tooth decay, or other dental problems, like tooth loss. Fortunately, your dentist is prepared to work with you to address many different problems. Our practice proudly provides comprehensive dental care, meaning you and your dentist can create a plan for restoring your smile, and you can enjoy that care all under the same roof!  Continue reading “Restoring Your Smile When You Have Several Dental Issues”

Treating A Cavity Before It Causes Internal Tooth Problems

Why is timing so important when it comes to treating a cavity? The threat posed by tooth decay is serious – if nothing is done in time, you could lose your tooth, and you could have an infection spread from the original problem tooth to your jawbone, and neighboring teeth. Prompt restorative dental care can ensure that the damage you experience is minimized, meaning a smaller restoration, and no complications. How can you make sure you have access to the right treatment as soon as possible? Your dentist can actually identify a cavity at an early stage of its formation when you go in for a routine appointment. This can help ensure that you only need a dental filling after your treatment, and it can mean escaping the need for treatment in the form of a root canal procedure. Continue reading “Treating A Cavity Before It Causes Internal Tooth Problems”

What Makes A Root Canal Procedure Necessary?

You may not know what the problem is, but if you have a lingering toothache, or dental sensitivity, you may expect to need some form of restorative dental work. Based on the degree of your problem, your dentist will recommend the appropriate treatment. In some cases, a root canal will be needed to address an issue with a tooth – this may be because of a serious cavity, or because of complications from physical damage. While the idea of a root canal can make some patients nervous, you should know that modern care can provide a better experience, and focus on your comfort. You should also know that ignoring a problem that makes a root canal necessary can lead to unhappy complications. Continue reading “What Makes A Root Canal Procedure Necessary?”