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Receiving Life-Like Restorations After Cavity Treatment

When you discover you need restorative dental care for tooth decay, you may feel a rush of anxious thoughts. How will a cavity impact your overall oral health? What will decay mean for your smile? When your dentist sets out to restore your tooth, their goal will be to fully address your concerns. Your cavity… Read more »

When You Have A Toothache That Just Won’t Go Away

Tooth pain be an irritant, and a potentially serious distraction throughout your day. When should you think of a toothache as something more than just an inconvenience? It is important to understand that a dental problem like tooth decay will not go away on its own. If you suspect your toothache might be the result… Read more »

What To Do If You Have A Problem With Your Dental Crown

When a dental crown is placed on a tooth, it is meant to provide permanent protection. With proper care, your restoration will serve you well for many years, keeping your tooth safe while allowing you to bite and chew normally. If you have a problem with your dental crown, you should reach out to your… Read more »

Ignoring A Cavity Can Lead To Big Oral Health Problems

When it first forms, a cavity will only impact your tooth’s enamel. This is certainly a problem, but in this early stage, your dentist can simply remove the infected area, and provide you with a dental filling, to effectively restore your tooth. However, the treatment procedure will change if your cavity has more time to… Read more »

Making Arrangements For Your Cavity Treatment

What should you consider when you need to arrange a cavity treatment? One important factor to remember is that your cavity will continue to grow, and continue to attack your tooth, until you have it addressed. The amount of damage ultimately caused by decay will determine what your dentist does in response. You may need… Read more »

How Will A Dental Bridge Impact My Oral Health?

If you are struggling with the consequences of tooth loss, you certainly do not need to be told that an incomplete smile can create functional concerns. However, you may be unsure exactly how much there is to be gained from a dental prosthetic, beyond the improvement to your appearance. With a dental bridge, you can… Read more »

Planning The Placement Of Your New Dental Crown

Having a dental crown that fits comfortably is important. After all, you will be relying on this dental restoration for many years, and you need to feel certain you can count on it to hold up when you bite and chew food. This is why the planning of your crown placement is important. Your dentist… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Delay A Root Canal Treatment You Need

A root canal treatment provides relief from a serious threat to your tooth. In many instances, a root canal will be needed when a cavity creates problems within your tooth. In other instances, your dentist may need to perform this restorative procedure in the aftermath of physical dental harm, particularly if your tooth’s pulp is… Read more »