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Is Your Diet Making Trouble For Your Teeth?

As Halloween approaches, you may not want to think about how all the sugar in your favorite candy treats can affect your oral health. Unfortunately, cavities can occur at any time of year. When you have too much sugar in your diet, you put yourself in a situation where bacteria on your teeth will produce… Read more »

3 Things To Consider When You’re Tempted To Skip Flossing

Some days are busier than others, and sometimes those scheduling pressures tempt us to take shortcuts in our daily habits. When it comes to flossing, however, you should know that you can run into real oral health trouble when you leave out this preventive dental care routine. Unfortunately, for some, flossing is already being left… Read more »

3 Dental Issues That Can Affect Aging Patients

Health changes, including changes to our oral health, can feel inevitable as we age. The care you put into your smile can certainly affect the degree of those changes. If you maintained poor oral care habits, your smile can look worn and unhealthy. Patients with advanced gum disease can find themselves dealing with tooth loss…. Read more »

Major Smile Improvements From Your Comprehensive Dentist

If your smile faces some major issues, the process of fully rehabilitating your teeth can take several procedures. For some patients, restoring how they look will call for a combination of restorative and cosmetic dental work, followed by a commitment to regular checkups for preventive care. Access to a comprehensive dental practice means you can… Read more »

Yes, You Should Be Flossing Regularly

If you think of flossing as a “bonus” cleaning for your teeth, or only necessary when you feel something stuck between teeth, you are losing out on important preventive dental care. Think for a moment about what your teeth enjoy when you brush. You can thoroughly clean the front of teeth, and their tops, but… Read more »

Can My Age Affect My Cavity Risk?

As a person ages, years of use can cause wear and tear on teeth. Of course, this is not exactly avoidable, as it occurs inevitably when you bite and chew. What you can do is protect yourself against cavities, even as changes take place with your smile. Keeping your smile clean by brushing and flossing… Read more »

Knowing What Your Comprehensive Dentist Can Do For You

A dental office offering comprehensive care can provide the level of oral health care to truly protect your smile. Of course, in addition to offering the preventive and restorative dental services that supply that protection, they can also offer cosmetic dental work to make improvements, too. Your smile can face a range of different threats…. Read more »

The Real Problem Of DIY Orthodontics

An unfortunate new trend has started to develop, one that can cause serious harm to your smile. The concept of “DIY orthodontics,” the practice of attempting to correct your own teeth, has started to grow in popularity. Hopefully, you already understand why this is an ill-conceived idea. Without the training and tools at the disposal… Read more »

Full Oral Health Protection From Your Comprehensive Dentist

When you have access to a comprehensive dental practice, you can feel confident that you can turn to your dentist’s office for whatever oral health concerns you may have. Your dentist can work with you to prevent cavities, and protect you against periodontal issues. If a problem develops, they can do the restorative work you… Read more »