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3 Dental Issues That Can Affect Aging Patients

Health changes, including changes to our oral health, can feel inevitable as we age. The care you put into your smile can certainly affect the degree of those changes. If you maintained poor oral care habits, your smile can look worn and unhealthy. Patients with advanced gum disease can find themselves dealing with tooth loss…. Read more »

Yes, You Should Be Flossing Regularly

If you think of flossing as a “bonus” cleaning for your teeth, or only necessary when you feel something stuck between teeth, you are losing out on important preventive dental care. Think for a moment about what your teeth enjoy when you brush. You can thoroughly clean the front of teeth, and their tops, but… Read more »

How Your Drink Choices Affect Your Teeth

Certain flavored beverages can cause several problems for your teeth. You should be wary of beverages that are more acidic, are high in sugar, and/or have a darker appearance. All of these factors can indicate risks to the health of your teeth. Replacing flavored drinks with water can spare your teeth from stains, and lower… Read more »

The Right Diet For Your Oral Health

A commitment to good oral health means regular visits to your dentist, but it goes beyond routine checkups. To fully take care of your teeth and gums, you should be mindful of the decisions you make every day. The choices you make for your diet can have a significant impact on your oral health. By… Read more »

Do You Know What Conservative Dentistry Is?

Have you ever had a tooth pulled? Did you wish your dentist would simply pull your tooth rather than perform a root canal? Have you ever had a root canal? Do you wonder why your dentist doesn’t just pull your tooth rather than do a root canal? There is a philosophy behind dentistry and that… Read more »

Soda and Your Smile

When you reach for a cold, fizzy, flavored, carbonated drink, what do you call it? A cola? A Coke? A soda? A pop? A drink by any of these names will taste sweet, bubbly and refreshing. Unfortunately, just like many tasty treats, drinking soda on a regular basis comes with a price, especially in terms of… Read more »

Oral Cancer Symptoms: Are you Familiar?

Michael Douglas is one of many public figures who has given a famous face to oral cancer. Mr. Douglas makes a fine role model for those battling the disease, because he has recovered quite well. Until hearing about a famous person’s battle with a certain type of cancer, many Americans don’t give particular malignancies a… Read more »

July 2014 Foodie-Friendly Classes and Events In Reno

If you truly are what you eat, don’t you think it’s best to take a smart, healthy approach to your diet? We often think of obesity and heart disease as the main consequences of eating junk food and living a sedentary lifestyle, forgetting that these unhealthy behaviors can also cause problems for your teeth and… Read more »

You Can’t Use a Pore Strip on Your Teeth, But . . .

Nose strips and whitening strips–there’s quite a big difference there. Even so, it turns out that your skin may actually have more in common with your teeth than you might have known.  Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans discuss the similarities and what you can do to avoid stained, sensitive teeth. Anatomy 101: Skin and Teeth… Read more »