Avoiding Dental Health Troubles Through Smart Daily Care

Your Reno, NV dentist’s office can help your smile by providing restorative and preventive dental care that keeps you in good health. In between visits, you should be doing your part to protect your smile. Tooth decay can do permanent damage to your tooth, cause an infection, and – if nothing is done in time – even make an extraction necessary. When you consider how harmful a cavity can be, it becomes easy to see why an effective approach to daily dental care is so important. Consistently brushing and flossing will help, but you should think about oral care as more than just a matter of cleaning your teeth. Your diet choices, and your habits, can also have an impact on your dental health.  Continue reading “Avoiding Dental Health Troubles Through Smart Daily Care”

Flossing Offers Vital Support For The Spaces Between Teeth

Your Reno, NV dentist’s office is ready to provide you with great general dental care when you need to come in for routine treatment, or if you have a dental problem. While having access to professional oral health care is important, you always need to be mindful of how your daily efforts to protect your smile might benefit you. For instance, if you take pride in your thorough, consistent brushing habits, but fail to floss, you can leave the spaces between your teeth without quality support. This can leave you at risk for problems like tooth decay and gum disease, despite what you may have considered to be a great effort to prevent dental troubles. Continue reading “Flossing Offers Vital Support For The Spaces Between Teeth”

3 Oral Health Mistakes That Put Your Smile At Risk

There is no shortage of information concerning how to prevent cavities from forming on your teeth. That knowledge is widespread, but so are cavities. Why is this problem so persistent? Many people can be mistaken in their assumption that their oral health habits are up to the task of protecting their smiles. For instance, a person might feel good about their chances against tooth decay because they brush two times a day, only to find that they are having cavity troubles because they never floss. A combination of quality dental care at home, and preventive dental care at your dentist’s office, will help you combat oral health troubles. Good habits do more than just protect you from cavities – you are also protecting yourself against gum disease, which can cause serious issues if it is left untreated. Continue reading “3 Oral Health Mistakes That Put Your Smile At Risk”

Quiz: What Are The Benefits That Come With Routine Exams?

What is it about routine dental exams that make them so important to your overall oral health? Can they really do more to help you prevent dental troubles if you already take care to brush and floss, and monitor your diet? While daily care is crucial to your smile’s condition, there are also vital benefits to regular exams that can help you keep on top of your oral health needs. When you see your dentist, your smile is checked for any possible issues that might affect you – that includes a cavity check, as well as a check for gum disease, and signs of harmful conditions like oral cancer. Unless you are told to plan around a different schedule, you should anticipate seeing your dentist every six months. Continue reading “Quiz: What Are The Benefits That Come With Routine Exams?”

Control Your Oral Health Risks With Smart Daily Practices

When it comes to protecting yourself against gum disease and tooth decay, what you do on a daily basis matters. If you typically rush to work without properly cleaning your teeth, or if you tend to depend on sugary snacks to keep you satisfied between meals, you can be more likely to need restorative dental work. Preventive dental care is not just about what you do at home, of course. Combining professional and personal care can help you keep your smile in top form. Patients gain that support by attending routine dental exams, which should take place every six months.  Continue reading “Control Your Oral Health Risks With Smart Daily Practices”

Is Your Dentist Making Sure Your Smile Is Fully Healthy?

How sure are you about the state of your smile? If you only make trips to the dentist to address active concerns, you may not realize how important it is to plan for routine preventive dental care. Ongoing checkups give your dentist the opportunity to keep up with a regular study of your smile. They can alert you to problems with your teeth, symptoms of gum disease, and many more troubles. Ongoing care also means enjoying regular professional teeth cleanings, and digital x-rays of your smile. With this regular support, you can look forward to prompt treatment for your oral health troubles, and better protection against future problems. Continue reading “Is Your Dentist Making Sure Your Smile Is Fully Healthy?”

3 Small Diet Changes To Help You Reduce Your Cavity Risk

Your only means of improving your cavity defense will involve making adjustments to your brushing and flossing habits…right? Actually, if you think of preventive dental care as being just about these actions, you can overlook other ways in which you might be affecting your oral health. Your diet choices can shift your cavity risk in crucial ways. How can you make sure your typical meals and snacks are doing a better job protecting your smile? You may be surprised at how little changes can have a big impact. With a new approach to snacking, or an adjustment to your standard meals, you can make sure you are less likely to need a dental filling or dental crown in the near future. Continue reading “3 Small Diet Changes To Help You Reduce Your Cavity Risk”

How Can I Stop Tartar From Hurting My Oral Health?

A buildup of tartar puts you at a greater risk for worrying oral health threats. This stubborn concentration of bacteria and debris can make you more likely to suffer tooth decay, and to experience gum disease. If tartar has already formed on your smile, it will take a professional cleaning from your dentist to remove the accumulation. Fortunately, you will receive this cleaning as part of your routine preventive dental care, where any problems caused by tartar can be identified, and addressed. If you want to make sure you avoid tartar formation, make sure you practice effective oral hygiene habits on a daily basis. Continue reading “How Can I Stop Tartar From Hurting My Oral Health?”

Should You Be Worried About The Condition Of Your Enamel?

Our teeth enjoy considerable protection thanks to their enamel. Enamel keeps them safe when you bite and chew, and the substance is able to resist damage caused by oral bacteria, up to a point. Unfortunately, because enamel does not consist of living cells, breakage can be permanent. However, physical trauma is not the only issue you should worry about when it comes to keeping your enamel safe. Wear and tear over time can cause layers of your enamel to erode. This can make it harder for you to keep your teeth safe from cavities, as they will have less protection. This loss of enamel can also lead to cosmetic dental troubles, as your smile may appear duller. Continue reading “Should You Be Worried About The Condition Of Your Enamel?”

How Your Oral Care Habits Can Prevent Oral Health Threats

How serious is your current risk for problems like tooth decay and gum disease? Your likelihood of developing oral health threats may be affected by genetic factors, but your habits also play a large part in your ability to prevent dental troubles. Your daily behavior certainly has an impact on how well you can protect yourself against possible cavities. If you fail to brush effectively, or find yourself routinely skipping out on flossing, you can leave harmful oral bacteria on your teeth. You can also create a risk for trouble when you fail to attend dental exams. Routine preventive care from your dentist will make it easier to keep your smile free of concerning problems. Continue reading “How Your Oral Care Habits Can Prevent Oral Health Threats”