Control Your Oral Health Risks With Smart Daily Practices

Control Your Oral Health Risks With Smart Daily Practices

Posted May 11, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

When it comes to protecting yourself against gum disease and tooth decay, what you do on a daily basis matters. If you typically rush to work without properly cleaning your teeth, or if you tend to depend on sugary snacks to keep you satisfied between meals, you can be more likely to need restorative dental work. Preventive dental care is not just about what you do at home, of course. Combining professional and personal care can help you keep your smile in top form. Patients gain that support by attending routine dental exams, which should take place every six months. 

Flossing And Brushing Every Day Can Help You Avoid Tartar, Gum Disease, And Tooth Decay

If you fail to consistently brush and floss your teeth, you are at risk for developing real oral health troubles. Our mouths face a real threat from oral bacteria, which feed on the food debris left behind on our teeth. When filmy concentrations of bacteria, known as plaque, are left behind by your daily routine, tartar can form. If an accumulation of bacteria gathers at your gum line, you can face a higher risk for periodontal troubles, along with a higher cavity risk. One reason it is important to include flossing in your routine is that you can remove bacteria that build up between your teeth, as this area can be harder to clean when you only brush.

Combining Daily And Professional Oral Care For A Terrific, Healthy Smile!

Is a good daily oral care regimen a good justification for skipping routine dental exams? You might be tempted to think so, but these visits are valuable for patients who are confident in the health of their smile. Your oral health risks can change in ways that are hard to perceive on your own, but your dentist can give you valuable insight into the true health of your smile.

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