Quiz: What Are The Benefits That Come With Routine Exams?

Quiz: What Are The Benefits That Come With Routine Exams?

Posted June 15, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

What is it about routine dental exams that make them so important to your overall oral health? Can they really do more to help you prevent dental troubles if you already take care to brush and floss, and monitor your diet? While daily care is crucial to your smile’s condition, there are also vital benefits to regular exams that can help you keep on top of your oral health needs. When you see your dentist, your smile is checked for any possible issues that might affect you – that includes a cavity check, as well as a check for gum disease, and signs of harmful conditions like oral cancer. Unless you are told to plan around a different schedule, you should anticipate seeing your dentist every six months.


True Or False: Only a periodontist can address gum disease. Your dentist will not even tell you if you have symptoms of a periodontal problem.

True Or False: In addition to looking for signs of decay, your dentist can look for problems like worn down restorations, which may need replacement.

True Or False: Visiting a comprehensive dental office means you can look forward to help with a range of different oral health issues.


False! Your dentist can recognize signs of poor periodontal health, and they can offer you a Perio Tray to help you fight gum disease.

True! An older dental filling or dental crown may be due for a replacement. While these restorations are made to last, they can wear down over the course of many years. This is especially true for someone who fails to maintain good dental care, or for an individual who tends to chew on hard surfaces.

True! Our comprehensive dental practice can offer a range of treatments, so we can make sure your smile needs are met when something needs to be addressed.

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