3 Small Diet Changes To Help You Reduce Your Cavity Risk

3 Small Diet Changes To Help You Reduce Your Cavity Risk

Posted April 9, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

Your only means of improving your cavity defense will involve making adjustments to your brushing and flossing habits…right? Actually, if you think of preventive dental care as being just about these actions, you can overlook other ways in which you might be affecting your oral health. Your diet choices can shift your cavity risk in crucial ways. How can you make sure your typical meals and snacks are doing a better job protecting your smile? You may be surprised at how little changes can have a big impact. With a new approach to snacking, or an adjustment to your standard meals, you can make sure you are less likely to need a dental filling or dental crown in the near future.

1. Drinking Water With Meals And Snack

Drinking water when you eat can help you wash away food debris that might stick to teeth. When you keep that debris cleared away, it deprives oral bacteria the opportunity to feed on the sugars in those foods, meaning you are less likely to have cavity troubles. If you choose water instead of soda, you are also taking down your overall sugar intake for the day.

2. Find A Healthy Alternative To Vending Machine Snacks

If you make a beeline for the vending machine at your job every time you need a snack, you can be limited to less than ideal snacking options. Bringing healthy snacks from home can help you avoid sugary, sticky foods.

3. Drinking Water Or Milk At Breakfast

Coffee and orange juice are popular breakfast beverages. In moderation, they can be fine, but both of these drinks are acidic, and may affect natural cavity defense. Because they can soften your enamel, these beverages can also make it easier for stains to accumulate in your enamel.

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