3 Ways To Control Your Risk For Cavities

3 Ways To Control Your Risk For Cavities

Posted January 18, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

Should you be more worried about the condition of your teeth? Not everyone has the same risk for developing cavities, and the likelihood you will find yourself needing restorative care from your dentist can change over time. Even if you feel you are highly unlikely to have a cavity any time soon, you can benefit from looking into ways to improve your oral health. A combination of changing your habits at home, and keeping up with your commitment to seeing your dentist for checkups, can help lower the odds you will be dealing with tooth decay any time soon.

1. Make Sure Dental Checkups Are A Priority

The care you enjoy during a dental checkup can keep your smile better protected. Your hygienist’s cleaning can take care of stubborn debris, and provide care for hard-to-reach areas. A regular review of your teeth by your dentist makes it easier to have tooth decay caught early. If a small cavity is found, your dentist can take care of it with a dental filling. A long absence from your dentist’s office can let a cavity grow unchecked, and you can find yourself in need of a root canal treatment.

2. Look For Ways To Take Sugar Out Of Your Standard Diet

Smart diet choices protect your teeth by exposing them to fewer harmful agents. Cutting down your sugar consumption means your teeth suffer less harm throughout the day.

3. Be Sure To Floss Regularly – And Effectively

Flossing is a vital part of your at-home care routine, as you can clean out areas that are difficult to reach. When you floss, be sure to cover the length of the spaces between teeth. If you only move the string back and forth, you can leave much of those spaces unaddressed.