3 Oral Health Mistakes That Put Your Smile At Risk

3 Oral Health Mistakes That Put Your Smile At Risk

Posted June 22, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

There is no shortage of information concerning how to prevent cavities from forming on your teeth. That knowledge is widespread, but so are cavities. Why is this problem so persistent? Many people can be mistaken in their assumption that their oral health habits are up to the task of protecting their smiles. For instance, a person might feel good about their chances against tooth decay because they brush two times a day, only to find that they are having cavity troubles because they never floss. A combination of quality dental care at home, and preventive dental care at your dentist’s office, will help you combat oral health troubles. Good habits do more than just protect you from cavities – you are also protecting yourself against gum disease, which can cause serious issues if it is left untreated.

1. Doing An Incomplete Job Cleaning Your Teeth

If you brush, but never floss, or if you fail to reach all areas of your teeth when you clean them, you put yourself at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Take the time to brush carefully, and move the brush in a tight, circular motion. When you floss, take the string up and down each space, so you remove all debris.

2. Poor Dietary Habits

Too much sugar during the day can undermine your efforts to keep your smile clean. Take a careful look at your diet, and identify what foods or drinks are putting your smile at risk. Cutting back on those products can be a big relief for your enamel.

3. Ignoring Signs That Something Might Be Wrong With Your Smile

If you think something might be wrong, you should see your dentist. Patients who ignore signs of trouble can suffer advanced tooth decay, meaning they wind up suffering more oral health harm than they would have if they had taken warning signs seriously.

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