3 Dental Issues That Can Affect Aging Patients

3 Dental Issues That Can Affect Aging Patients

Posted June 21, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

Health changes, including changes to our oral health, can feel inevitable as we age. The care you put into your smile can certainly affect the degree of those changes. If you maintained poor oral care habits, your smile can look worn and unhealthy. Patients with advanced gum disease can find themselves dealing with tooth loss. That being said, even patients who exhibit great preventive dental habits can require help with problems that develop in your later years. If you are worried about the quality of your smile, set time to talk with your dentist. They can make sure your teeth stay healthy, and can discuss cosmetic dental treatment to preserve your appearance.

1. Layers Of Your Enamel Can Begin To Erode

Wear and tear from biting and chewing can lead to the erosion of layers of your enamel. This can lower your defense against cavities, and might affect the color of your teeth. You can talk to your dentist about concerns this may raise for your dental health.

2. There May Be Side Effects From Medications That Affect Your Oral Health

If you are assigned certain medications to deal with health issues, the side effects may compromise your oral health. One issue common to several medications is dry mouth. When patients frequently experience this, they can be more prone to tooth decay. In some cases, the color of a person’s teeth may be affected by what they are prescribed. Cosmetic work can help address this.

3. Wear And Tear Over Time Can Affect Your Teeth

Simply put, your teeth have a tough job. Over the years, wear and tear can accumulate. If you are worried your teeth look unhealthy, or if it is harder to bite and chew comfortably, make sure you let your dentist know.

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