A Better Understanding Of Comprehensive Dentistry

better understanding of comprehensive dentistryAre you aware of what services you can enjoy when you visit a comprehensive dentist? Comprehensive dentistry means that you can enjoy a range of services to address your oral health, as well as any cosmetic worries with your teeth. If you have complex dental troubles, this can mean enjoying all of the services you need to help restore your oral health, without having to visit multiple specialists. A comprehensive dentist can identify and tackle existing issues, while helping you prevent future problems from occurring. Continue reading “A Better Understanding Of Comprehensive Dentistry”

Managing Dental Concerns For Older Adults

managing dental concerns for older adultsAs you get older, your oral health concerns can change. You may face a higher risk for cavities, and develop problems associated with gum disease. If you keep up with regular dental checkups, you can mitigate these concerns, as your dentist can keep watch for changes in your teeth and gums. If your teeth develop a worn, aged appearance, a cosmetic procedure may provide help, but your dentist will need to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough for a procedure. Continue reading “Managing Dental Concerns For Older Adults”

Bonding And Contouring Make Small Fixes For Big Benefits

bonding and contouringSome people lose confidence in their smile because they have an issue with just one or two teeth. A tooth could be chipped, cracked, or discolored from damage, or a tooth could have an unnatural appearance that just doesn’t fit with the others. Bonding and contouring allow your dentist to make key fixes to a tooth or teeth with cosmetic issues. Both dental bonding and contouring can be performed in-house, and can often be completed in a single visit. Continue reading “Bonding And Contouring Make Small Fixes For Big Benefits”

Comprehensive Dental Care Quiz

quizgreenWhen you’re searching for a dental practice that addresses all of your wants and needs, the most important quality to look for is comprehensive dental care for the whole family. While you may like the idea of having every treatment you could ever require within reach, that doesn’t mean you necessarily know what to expect from our list of services or our approach. To make sure you are fully aware of all that we offer, we suggest you quiz your knowledge (you may even find out something new!).

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Broken Tooth? Large Filling? What Are Your Options?

broken toothOnce your teeth have been filled, especially if they have been filled for years, you tend to take them for granted. It’s not at the front of your mind that your tooth might break or that your filling might fall out. Of course those things could happen, just not to you, right? Well, let’s say it did. Let’s say that you have a huge filling in one of your molars and while you were eating your molar broke. There is no pain, but now you only have half a tooth, but the whole filling. What are your options?

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The Stability Of Implant Dentures

implantsDentures are a great way to restore the function and aesthetics of your smile. Without teeth you cannot chew. If you can’t chew you can’t eat. If you don’t eat your health suffers. You need to be able to confidently chew a variety of foods including meats, crunchy vegetables, tough greens, nuts, and other healthy foods in order to stay healthy and strong, but even with a full set of dentures that may be tough for some people. If your dentures don’t fit properly they can slip and rub making it difficult to speak and chew. Over time, your jaw bone can shrink and your dentures will need readjusting and relining. If you are experiencing such issues you may appreciate the stability of implant dentures.                                 

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Whether Or Not To Get An Implant

ImplantorNotThe condition of your teeth is important to your mental and physical health. People without teeth are often self-conscious, embarrassed to smile, talk, or eat around others, and may even avoid social functions. Having the right amount of healthy, strong teeth is not only important for your psychological health, it is also important for your physical health so you can eat a wide variety of healthy foods. Sometimes edentulism (being entirely toothless) begins with the loss of only one tooth. That one turns to two, two turns to three, and so on. Below are some questions and answers to help you decide whether or not you should get a dental implant.

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How Complex Is Dental Crown Placement?

complexA dental crown is a fabricated tooth to restore the original damaged tooth. It is replicated in the shape of the original tooth, the same size and shade. It is to restore your chewing function and, of course, your smile. Some dental treatments are complex, like implants, while others are non- or minimally invasive. Placing a dental crown is not a complex procedure.  It is minimally invasive and only requires a few steps.

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Not Just About Cosmetics…

dentbridgReplacing a tooth is not merely for cosmetic reasons. Your tooth performs a function. It breaks up your food into tiny pieces so it is easier to swallow. As you are chewing, your saliva helps soften and break down the food too. Losing even a single tooth can cause discomfort and inconvenience when trying to eat. That’s why replacing a tooth is not just about cosmetics, it is also about function.

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Everyday Dental Technology

dentaltechnoDental offices are becoming equipped with many new and improved technologies these days that make dental treatments faster, easier, and more comfortable. Technology also makes treatment procedures more reliable, effective, and efficient.  This is very beneficial to the patient especially considering the link between your dental health and overall health. Keeping your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy benefits the health of the rest of your body. Some everyday dental technology found in dental offices today includes computers, digital cameras, intraoral cameras, digital radiography, and dental lasers.

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