Comprehensive Dental Care Quiz

Comprehensive Dental Care Quiz

Posted September 24, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

quizgreen When you’re searching for a dental practice that addresses all of your wants and needs, the most important quality to look for is comprehensive dental care for the whole family. While you may like the idea of having every treatment you could ever require within reach, that doesn’t mean you necessarily know what to expect from our list of services or our approach. To make sure you are fully aware of all that we offer, we suggest you quiz your knowledge (you may even find out something new!).

Comprehensive Care Quiz: True or False?

Question 1: True or False: Comprehensive dental care means that we offer a full spectrum of preventive treatments. However, it does not include cosmetic dentistry.

Question 2: True or False: We provide comprehensive dental care to all adult patients – however, we only offer a couple essential treatments for younger individuals who don’t need as much care.

Question 3: True or False: We offer an exceptionally diverse array of treatments to address the many needs of our patients.

Quiz Answer Key

Answer 1: False. While we do offer a full spectrum of preventive dentistry treatments, we also offer a broad spectrum of other types of dentistry treatments, including restorative and cosmetic.

Answer 2: False. When we say comprehensive dental care, we mean it – we gear our services toward individuals of all ages, so you may bring your whole family (children and teens included) because everyone needs exceptional care.

Answer 3: True. We offer everything from checkups and cleanings to fillings, root canal therapy, inlays and onlays, teeth whitening, bonding and contouring, veneers, bruxism treatment, sleep apnea treatment, teeth replacement solutions, and more.