Halloween Can Mean Lots Of Sugar, And Trouble For Your Smile

If you have kids, your house will likely see a big spike in candy at the end of Halloween. As children throughout Reno go trick-or-treating, they can amass a large supply of tasty treats that spell trouble for their teeth. Of course, adults are not immune to the temptation of the occasional sweet snack. While you should feel free to enjoy yourself during the holiday, overindulging in candy can lead to a real risk for tooth decay that your dentist will need to treat. Being mindful of this fact, and thinking of ways to control your risks, can help you protect your smile in the aftermath of Halloween. Continue reading “Halloween Can Mean Lots Of Sugar, And Trouble For Your Smile”

Comprehensive Dental Care Quiz

quizgreenWhen you’re searching for a dental practice that addresses all of your wants and needs, the most important quality to look for is comprehensive dental care for the whole family. While you may like the idea of having every treatment you could ever require within reach, that doesn’t mean you necessarily know what to expect from our list of services or our approach. To make sure you are fully aware of all that we offer, we suggest you quiz your knowledge (you may even find out something new!).

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Are You At Risk For Cavities?

toothdecayaheadCavities are most common in children and young adults, but they can develop at any age. According to statistics, 92 percent of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have experienced cavities in their permanent teeth. As you can see cavities are common. One of the major reasons there is so much tooth decay is because our diets overwhelmingly consist of sugars and starches. Lack of proper oral hygiene is another reason. Are some people at a higher risk for cavities than others? And if so who? Are you at risk for cavities?

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A Baby Born With Teeth?

natalteethHave you ever heard of a baby being born with teeth? It doesn’t happen very often, in fact, only 1 out of every 2,000 to 3,000 births.  When a baby is born with teeth they are referred to as natal teeth or fetal teeth. In most cases, if a baby is born with teeth it is nothing to worry about. However in some cases it can be related to a medical condition. Read on to find out more about babies born with teeth.

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Does Your Baby Have Bad Breath?

babeHave you ever noticed that babies and children very seldom have bad breath? It is uncommon, but it does happen. That’s a good reason to begin practicing proper oral hygiene on your baby soon after their birth. In today’s blog, your Reno dentists, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans discuss why babies get bad breath.

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The Dangers of Certain Dental Trends

JewelOnTeethAre you a born trendsetter? Do you take great pride in figuring out ways to express yourself with fashion statements? Some physical manifestations of fashion can even involve teeth. One example would be someone having their teeth reshaped to appear outrageously different. Some dentists have even fielded requests to contour canine teeth into true vampire fangs. This type of procedure is permanent, however, so filing teeth is likely to damage your enamel and weaken your smile’s natural structure. Oral health fads might not be the wisest choices if you want a healthy smile for many years to come.

Bejeweling Teeth surfaces

Temporary jewels bonded to teeth with adhesive may sound simple and harmless enough. Why not grin a bit flashier now and again? If you are quite certain that your jewels are being adhered with FDA-approved dental glue placed by a trusted dental professional who offers good removal instructions, you may make it through temporarily bejeweling your smile without long term damage. Do-it-yourself kits are out there, however, but they are never a good idea. Sticking any foreign object or ornament to your tooth can result in enamel damage.Tooth ornaments can also harbor food debris, bacteria, and saliva, leading to plaque and tartar buildup which could create acid erosion underneath the jewel.  Continue reading “The Dangers of Certain Dental Trends”

Enamel Erosion: What to Do

QuestionMarkTooth sensitivity may not seem like a big deal, until you have dental issues because of it. The shooting pain that comes when you bite into an ice cream cone or take a sip of hot coffee is the result of sensitive teeth which are not properly protected by strong tooth enamel. If you have severe tooth sensitivity, even an icy cold wind can leave you cringing. What causes tooth sensitivity and cavities? Enamel erosion might be to blame.

Understanding Enamel Erosion

To understand what enamel erosion is, you first need to understand what tooth enamel is. Enamel is the hard, white coating that covers your teeth. This coating is your teeth’s natural defense system, and nature knew what it was doing when it designed the human body because tooth enamel is the second hardest naturally occurring substance in the universe, second only to diamonds! This means that it can protect your teeth from the extreme pressures, temperatures, and elements your teeth come in contact with on a daily basis.

Dangers to Enamel

Still, however, your enamel isn’t indestructible. While it’s unlikely that your dental enamel can chip off, it’s very likely that it can wear away, and this can happen for several reasons. In most cases of enamel erosion, acid is to blame. Every time we eat or drink, acids form in our mouths and, if not removed by proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing, can begin to eat away at our tooth enamel. Enamel erosion is often present in people with acid reflux disease and GERD because of the high levels of acid that come up from the stomach to the mouth. Frequent vomiting and consuming foods and drinks that are high in sugar and carbohydrates expose your teeth to even more acidity.

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The best way to avoid tooth enamel erosion

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A Quiz on Types of Teeth

quiz blueYou already know that taking care of your oral health is important. Scientific research even shows that keeping your mouth healthy benefits your overall physical health, as well. Can you describe the different kinds of teeth which inhabit your mouth and what purpose they each serve? Try this fun quiz to improve your dental knowledge.  Continue reading “A Quiz on Types of Teeth”

Could Seaweed Hold a key to Better Dental Health?

SeaweedDid you enjoy plenty of beach time this summer? If so, it’s possible you’ve dealt with your fair share of seaweed. Sometimes, stepping on seaweed can be an unpleasant irritation with the slimy, squishy sensation on the bottoms of your feet and between your toes. If you knew that seaweed had an enzyme called Bacillus licheniformis which could be good for your teeth, would you feel a bit differently about the compound? Researchers have begun to isolate this enzyme with the intent of using it as a cleaner for ship hulls, to surprising results. Newcastle University Continue reading “Could Seaweed Hold a key to Better Dental Health?”

Soda and Your Smile

Group Drinking SodaWhen you reach for a cold, fizzy, flavored, carbonated drink, what do you call it? A cola? A Coke? A soda? A pop? A drink by any of these names will taste sweet, bubbly and refreshing. Unfortunately, just like many tasty treats, drinking soda on a regular basis comes with a price, especially in terms of your dental health. Reno dentistsDr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans, will fill you in on the dangers of soft drinks. Continue reading “Soda and Your Smile”