3 Signs You Could Be Dealing With Gum Disease

3 signs you could be dealing with gum diseasePutting a timely stop to gum disease is vital to your long-term oral health. When gum disease advances to the stage of periodontitis, it can cause soft tissue and bone around a tooth’s base to deteriorate. This creates a risk that you will lose the tooth, or need to have it extracted. Unfortunately, at this stage the infection can require serious professional work to keep under control. If you have gingivitis (a form of gum disease in the earlier stages) you should take steps to halt this infection. A Perio Tray will help you address an infection, so that you can restore your gum health. If you have already suffered tooth loss because of periodontitis, your dentist can offer a prosthetic, such as a dental bridge. You could also receive help from a dental implant. Continue reading “3 Signs You Could Be Dealing With Gum Disease”

Chronic Bad Breath Can Be A Sign Of Gum Disease

chronic bad breath can be a sign of gum diseaseWhile you might expect to have bad breath after eating foods with a strong odor, chronic bad breath can be worrisome. It can be a source of embarrassment, and a sign that something might be physically wrong. Chronic bad breath may indicate gum disease. Gum disease occurs when the bacteria in your mouth infiltrate your gums, which can cause a range of symptoms. Your dentist can identify symptoms of gum disease, and can offer assistance in treating this condition. It is important to remedy gum disease, as its advanced stages can put you at risk for tooth loss. Continue reading “Chronic Bad Breath Can Be A Sign Of Gum Disease”

Spotting And Treating Gum Disease

Spotting and treating gum diseaseMaintaining healthy gums is essential to your overall oral health. When plaque builds up in your mouth, the bacteria can affect your gums, leading to gum disease. This can cause them to become swollen and prone to bleeding, can affect your breath, and can cause pain. Left untreated, your gums can weaken and recede from teeth, leaving you vulnerable to tooth loss. If you are exhibiting symptoms of gum disease, you should visit your dentist for diagnosis and treatment of this issue. Continue reading “Spotting And Treating Gum Disease”

Is Morning Breath A Must?

morningbreathEven when you brush, floss, and gargle at night before going to sleep you wake up with some semblance of morning breath. It’s pretty much a given. Morning breath is a result of natural processes that take place while you sleep. Read on to find out if morning breath is a must and some of the reasons behind it.

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Does Your Baby Have Bad Breath?

babeHave you ever noticed that babies and children very seldom have bad breath? It is uncommon, but it does happen. That’s a good reason to begin practicing proper oral hygiene on your baby soon after their birth. In today’s blog, your Reno dentists, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans discuss why babies get bad breath.

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Tongue FAQs

bbThere is a lot of mixed information out there about your tongue. The fact is, your tongue is a very interesting part of your body.  Today, your Reno dentists, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans  answer some questions about your tongue and it’s affect on your oral health.

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What Do You Know About Bad Breath?

badbreathThe name for chronic bad breath is halitosis. The name is derived from the Latin word halitus (breath) and the Greek suffix –osis (which can mean ‘a condition of’ or ‘diseased’). Therefore, halitosis taken literally means diseased breath. Research indicates that 80 million people suffer from halitosis. Take the quiz below and see how much you know about bad breath.

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