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Implant-Held Dentures Offer Major Benefits

Implant-held dentures offer people struggling with major tooth loss a means of remarkably improving their experience with dental prosthetic support. Rather than leaving your dentures in place with suction, or with epoxies, you can have them supported permanently with strategically-placed mini dental implants. This arrangement can make you feel more comfortable with your dentures, and… Read more »

Answering Questions About Implant Dentures

People who are searching for a solution to their tooth loss issues may be familiar with what dental implants can do for them. Simply put, implants act like your own tooth roots would, anchoring your prosthetic to your jawbone and providing stability and enduring support. However, you may be unsure about having implants to support… Read more »

Dental Implants Can Support Dentures

If you need dentures, or if you already have them, you may believe you are resigned to a prosthetic that offers fewer functional advantages than you would like. It may be difficult to eat certain foods, and you could have a hard time with your dentures slipping out of place when you speak. What you… Read more »

Bringing Back Your Full Smile With Implant Dentures

It is hard to identify a more serious change to your oral health than the loss of many teeth, or the total loss of your upper or lower teeth. To offset the significant impact this can have on your daily life, you can seek dentures to serve as a replacement. You might not realize it,… Read more »

Receiving Hybrid Dentures

Dentures can help you regain your smile after serious tooth loss. Partial dentures work around your remaining teeth, with hidden clasps keeping the set in place. Many people assume full dentures must be supported by adhesive, or with natural suction. However, these are not your only options. Hybrid dentures use the support of dental implants… Read more »

Dental Bridge Your Way to a Better Smile

Have you been unhappy with your smile since you lost a tooth or had one extracted? Many people try to postpone restorative treatment, especially if their missing tooth was at the back of the mouth. Unfortunately, failing to complete a smile after tooth loss can have several repercussions beyond the cosmetic. Missing teeth can make… Read more »

The Stability Of Implant Dentures

Dentures are a great way to restore the function and aesthetics of your smile. Without teeth you cannot chew. If you can’t chew you can’t eat. If you don’t eat your health suffers. You need to be able to confidently chew a variety of foods including meats, crunchy vegetables, tough greens, nuts, and other healthy… Read more »

Learn More About Partial Dentures

Are those few missing teeth nagging at you every time you look in the mirror? Maybe you can hardly see them when you smile, or maybe to you they seem glaring. Regardless of whether or not they are noticeable, there are reasons to fill in those spaces. If you are not yet ready or interested… Read more »

Three Different Types Of Dentures

If you have multiple teeth missing or are fully edentulous in your top or bottom arch, or both, there are a few different treatment options available to you. It is nice to have choices, and the dental field does have many treatment choices available for just about every situation, even missing teeth. There are different… Read more »

Test Your Denture Knowledge

There was a time when people expected to lose their teeth as they aged and end up wearing dentures. Today with modern dental technology, new and improved dental materials, minimally invasive dental practices, and a variety of dental treatment options, people are keeping their teeth longer. Speaking of a variety of treatment options, there are… Read more »