Bringing Back Your Full Smile With Implant Dentures

Bringing Back Your Full Smile With Implant Dentures

Posted December 28, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

bringing-back-your-full-smile-with-implant-dentures It is hard to identify a more serious change to your oral health than the loss of many teeth, or the total loss of your upper or lower teeth. To offset the significant impact this can have on your daily life, you can seek dentures to serve as a replacement. You might not realize it, but there is a way for your dentist to offer denture support that does not depend on adhesives, or on suction. You can enjoy better support by having implant dentures, which will attach to mini dental implants. This makes it easier to enjoy your dentures without worrying about the quality of their hold.

How Implants Change Your Experience With Dentures

One big benefit to using mini dental implants to lock your dentures in place is the stability. When you enjoy better support, it is easier to feel as though you can eat, chew, and speak naturally, without worrying your prosthetic will loosen. Dental implants are inserted directly in your jawbone. Once placed, they are permanently set, and can last for many years.

How Your Periodontal Health Affects Your Risk For Tooth Loss

If you want to protect yourself against future tooth loss, be sure to take care of your periodontal health today. Gum disease can actually damage the bone and soft tissues that are helping keep your teeth in place – if this damage is serious enough, you may have to have teeth extracted, or they could be lost on their own. Your dentist will examine your gums during every exam, and patients who need treatment for gingivitis can be given a Perio Tray to help address the matter.