How Your Drink Choices Affect Your Teeth

How Your Drink Choices Affect Your Teeth

Posted January 5, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

how your drink choices affect your teeth Certain flavored beverages can cause several problems for your teeth. You should be wary of beverages that are more acidic, are high in sugar, and/or have a darker appearance. All of these factors can indicate risks to the health of your teeth. Replacing flavored drinks with water can spare your teeth from stains, and lower your risk for developing a cavity. While these drinks can be fine in moderation, over-consumption could lead to problems with your oral health that require restorative treatments.

Sodas And Other Sugary Drinks

Soft drinks are acidic, and high in sugar. Sugar causes the bacteria in your mouth to produce acids, which harm your enamel. When you enjoy items that are higher in sugar, bacteria will release more acid against your teeth. The acidity of these beverages can cause your enamel to soften, which lowers your natural cavity defense. The citric acid in beverages like orange juice can also weaken your enamel. Even if you regularly floss and brush your teeth, these effects could lead to a cavity, which will need to be restored with a filling.

Dark Beverages

If you choose drinks that have darker colors, like coffee, tea, or red wine, you should know that these can cause the discoloration of your teeth. Chromogens, which give these beverages their color, can bond to your enamel, leaving them stained. If your teeth have become discolored by these drinks, you may need a professional-strength whitening treatment to restore the color of your teeth.


Water is free of the sugar, acids, and darker colors that negatively impact your teeth. Water can also help to clear away food debris and other detritus on your teeth. Your tap water may also contain fluoride, which can strengthen your enamel.