What Makes A Root Canal Procedure Necessary?

You may not know what the problem is, but if you have a lingering toothache, or dental sensitivity, you may expect to need some form of restorative dental work. Based on the degree of your problem, your dentist will recommend the appropriate treatment. In some cases, a root canal will be needed to address an issue with a tooth – this may be because of a serious cavity, or because of complications from physical damage. While the idea of a root canal can make some patients nervous, you should know that modern care can provide a better experience, and focus on your comfort. You should also know that ignoring a problem that makes a root canal necessary can lead to unhappy complications. Continue reading “What Makes A Root Canal Procedure Necessary?”

Quiz: Paying Attention To Symptoms Of Oral Health Trouble

How much attention should you give a symptom of possible oral health trouble? Should you wait to see if a toothache goes away on its own, or make an appointment for dental care right away? If you notice signs of poor gum health, should you be alarmed? When it comes to your oral health, you should take it seriously. After all, if you ignore a problem that requires care, it can continue to worsen, and it may lead to your needing more involved treatment when you finally bring the matter to your dentist’s attention. It should be noted that if you want to stay truly informed about your smile’s condition, you should set up regular dental exams, so you can receive prompt care for any problem that is detected during a visit. Continue reading “Quiz: Paying Attention To Symptoms Of Oral Health Trouble”

Remember These 3 Things If You Have An Injured Tooth

We often think of tooth problems as being about oral health – for instance, a healthy tooth versus one that is experiencing a cavity. What you should know is that you should be mindful of how physical trauma can affect your smile, too. When you experience a physical injury, it can have negative effects for the tooth’s appearance, and its health. A tooth injury may cause distress, but you can be reassured in the knowledge that your dentist is ready to provide help. In fact, modern restorative dental care can make it possible to address the problem, and restore your tooth’s appearance.  Continue reading “Remember These 3 Things If You Have An Injured Tooth”

Quiz: What You Should Know About Modern Fillings

What should you know about modern dental fillings, and how they can benefit you? One matter that many patients can appreciate is how modern dental fillings affect your smile – or, more accurately, how they do not affect your smile. Because your dentist is using composite resin fillings to restore your tooth after cavity treatment, your tooth will not be affected visually. This material is durable enough to protect your enamel, and it can be a great cosmetic match for the surface of your tooth. Patients who come in for cavity treatment can feel more comfortable and confident when they know that their appearance will not be negatively altered by a procedure. Continue reading “Quiz: What You Should Know About Modern Fillings”

A Painful Tooth Injury Can Be Addressed With A Dental Crown

Your dentist provides patients with modern restorations. Because of this, you can count on a dental problem being addressed with a filling or crown that blends in with your smile, while also offering valuable protection. Dental crowns are often used in cavity treatments, but they are also relied on to respond to dental injuries. A custom-made crown can be produced using many different material types. For less visible teeth that take on more biting and chewing pressures, a metal crown can be preferred. However, this type of crown may be less than ideal for a tooth that is more visible. Fortunately, ceramic crowns provide protection, while also mimicking a natural tooth.  Continue reading “A Painful Tooth Injury Can Be Addressed With A Dental Crown”

Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Root Canals?

You should certainly take precautions to avoid any issue that might require a root canal treatment. This procedure is necessary whenever you have an infection or abscess affecting the living tissue in your tooth’s pulp. While this is procedure is often used to deal with a cavity, other problems, like physical damage, can make them necessary. While you should take care to prevent dental problems that can require root canals, you should know that delaying a treatment you need can be consequential. If nothing is done in time to address an internal infection, bacteria can potentially spread to your jawbone, and other teeth, which will lead to additional worries. Your dentist can perform this procedure with your comfort in mind, and sedation can be offered if you are struggling with anxious feelings. Continue reading “Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Root Canals?”

Should A Dental Crown Be Used To Address A Smile Problem?

After suffering an injury, or an advanced cavity, your tooth might need a dental crown. What you might not realize is that crowns can sometimes be used to help improve a person’s smile, even if they have not suffered a problem with their oral health. If you have a tooth that is smaller, weaker, or otherwise naturally flawed, it can interfere with your dental function, and negatively impact your smile. Using a crown to cover this tooth can be beneficial to your smile, as there are materials your dentist can use to create a life-like restoration. If you are unsure whether to use a dental crown to address a problem tooth, or undergo a conventional cosmetic dental treatment, you can discuss your options with your dentist.  Continue reading “Should A Dental Crown Be Used To Address A Smile Problem?”

Why You Might Need A Root Canal For An Injured Tooth

You might assume that root canal treatments are only necessary when you have a cavity, but they may be an important part of your treatment if you experience a dental injury. The purpose of a root canal is to eliminate a problem that has developed in the interior of your tooth. When you suffer dental trauma, your tooth’s internal tissues can be jeopardized in several ways. If your tooth is cracked, you face a risk for infection. The injury can also cause internal damage even if it is not cracked. Fortunately, the restorative care you receive from your dentist can minimize discomfort, and protect the health of your tooth. Continue reading “Why You Might Need A Root Canal For An Injured Tooth”

Planning Advanced Care For Your Smile

For patients who are dealing with an accumulation of problems, or a particular problem that has gone without treatment for too long, advanced care may be needed. In addition to providing routine preventive and restorative oral health services, your dentist can work with you when you need more involved support. Because our dental practice provides a comprehensive range of services, you can have concerns identified, and have those concerns treated. By planning advanced care with your dentist, you can arrange to recover your best, healthiest smile. This can lead to more confidence, better dental function, and better health overall. Continue reading “Planning Advanced Care For Your Smile”

Making Valuable Smile Improvements With Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are well-known to patients, but they may not have a clear idea of what situations call for them, or how effective they can be at restoring a person’s smile. Crowns are not always used in cavity treatment, but they are needed when you suffer more decay than can be treated with a dental filling. They can also make it possible for your dentist to save a tooth that has suffered serious physical damage, and they can even act in service of prosthetic dental care. Modern crowns are made with many different materials. If you are concerned about how your smile might look after you have work done, you can be excited to learn that there are natural-looking crowns that will avoid any interference with your appearance. Continue reading “Making Valuable Smile Improvements With Dental Crowns”