3 Helpful Facts You Should Know About Dental Fillings

Because tooth decay is a common problem, many people have had to undergo restorative dental work to fix a cavity. You may already have at least one restoration. Dental fillings are commonly used to repair teeth that have suffered decay. The filling is needed because, unfortunately, our teeth are not able to recover from a cavity naturally. By placing a restoration, your dentist is offering needed support for your tooth, and helping you avoid future problems. Advances in dental care have led to the providing of composite resin fillings. Unlike fillings made with metal, the fillings offered by your dentist are able to blend in with your surrounding enamel. They can also offer a superior level of support by bonding directly with your tooth.  Continue reading “3 Helpful Facts You Should Know About Dental Fillings”

Will A Cavity Always Cause Tooth Pain?

Will a cavity always cause tooth pain? If you receive the appropriate restorative dental treatment in time, you can take care of the problem before it creates discomfort. The reason tooth decay can cause your tooth to ache, or become sensitive, is because your cavity will eventually work its way from your enamel to your pulp. When an infection is allowed to reach the interior of your tooth, and damage the nerves and blood vessels, it can create unpleasant pain. If you want to take care of a cavity before you start to suffer discomfort, make sure you are regularly seeing your dentist for checkups. During routine preventive exams, your dentist can spot a cavity that is starting to develop, and take the appropriate action. Continue reading “Will A Cavity Always Cause Tooth Pain?”

Ignoring A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth Can Lead To Big Trouble

A seemingly minor chip or crack in your tooth can turn into a bigger problem that leads to serious oral health troubles, and problems with your smile. Even if you are not experiencing active pain because of superficial damage, it is worth bringing to your dentist’s attention. Your dentist can offer advanced restorative dental work when you have a problem with your tooth. Of course, they won’t be able to help at all if you never bring an issue to their attention. A dental crown can protect a tooth that has suffered damage, and needs support. Minor damages that are treated may be fixable with a dental bonding treatment, which can be completed in a single appointment. Continue reading “Ignoring A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth Can Lead To Big Trouble”

We Take Tooth Pain Seriously – You Should, Too

A nagging pain in your tooth can be a nuisance, but you should know that it can also be a symptom of a serious problem. One cause of persistent tooth pain is an infection in the interior of the tooth. This is often caused by an advanced cavity, but dental damage can also be responsible, especially if it results in a crack that exposes your pulp. If you do have an internal tooth issue, your dentist can correct it with a root canal treatment. If nothing is done, the problem affecting your tooth may lead to complications, and cause you to lose your tooth! Continue reading “We Take Tooth Pain Seriously – You Should, Too”

Quiz: Things You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

It would be strange to find out that a patient walked into a routine dental exam hoping to learn they needed a root canal treatment. After all, this procedure has a reputation that tends to make people wary. If you do discover you need this type of restorative work done on a tooth, you should not feel alarmed. It is used to address an internal tooth problem, something that can have a big impact on the state of your oral health. Your dentist will safely remove infected tissue from your pulp, seal it, and place a crown on the tooth. Modern care can limit the discomfort of a root canal, and can even offer you a restoration that looks like a natural tooth, so your smile is not adversely affected. Continue reading “Quiz: Things You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment”

When Your Oral Health Problems Call For Multiple Treatments

If you need significant work done on your smile, you may picture a course of treatments that will send you to several different specialists. This can be less convenient, and can even feel daunting, leading some people to hesitate before seeking the oral health care they need. Fortunately, you can rely on support with a range of issues when you contact a comprehensive dentist. A comprehensive dental practice can offer help in preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and prosthetic needs. This means you can enjoy the convenience of treatment under one roof, which can make more involved dental care more accessible. Continue reading “When Your Oral Health Problems Call For Multiple Treatments”

Receiving Life-Like Restorations After Cavity Treatment

When you discover you need restorative dental care for tooth decay, you may feel a rush of anxious thoughts. How will a cavity impact your overall oral health? What will decay mean for your smile? When your dentist sets out to restore your tooth, their goal will be to fully address your concerns. Your cavity will be completely excised, so that it no longer poses a threat to your tooth. If you have suffered internal issues because of an advanced cavity, you can require a root canal, which will protect the tooth’s living tissue. Once decay is addressed, your dentist will provide a dental filling or dental crown. These restorations can be made to match your surrounding teeth, so they will not disrupt your appearance. Continue reading “Receiving Life-Like Restorations After Cavity Treatment”

When You Have A Toothache That Just Won’t Go Away

Tooth pain be an irritant, and a potentially serious distraction throughout your day. When should you think of a toothache as something more than just an inconvenience? It is important to understand that a dental problem like tooth decay will not go away on its own. If you suspect your toothache might be the result of a cavity, seek restorative care from your dentist as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage your tooth will experience! You can count on expert care that will put a stop to a cavity’s growth, and end with you leaving the dentist’s office sporting a restoration that can protect your tooth without drawing unwanted attention. Continue reading “When You Have A Toothache That Just Won’t Go Away”

What To Do If You Have A Problem With Your Dental Crown

When a dental crown is placed on a tooth, it is meant to provide permanent protection. With proper care, your restoration will serve you well for many years, keeping your tooth safe while allowing you to bite and chew normally. If you have a problem with your dental crown, you should reach out to your dentist as soon as possible for care. If your restoration is loose, damaged, or lost, it puts your tooth in jeopardy. By attending regular dental checkups, your dentist is able to monitor the condition of your crown. If it looks like it needs to be replaced, they can let you know, and you can arrange this before the crown suffers real damage. Continue reading “What To Do If You Have A Problem With Your Dental Crown”

Ignoring A Cavity Can Lead To Big Oral Health Problems

When it first forms, a cavity will only impact your tooth’s enamel. This is certainly a problem, but in this early stage, your dentist can simply remove the infected area, and provide you with a dental filling, to effectively restore your tooth. However, the treatment procedure will change if your cavity has more time to do damage. Eventually, bacteria will be able to infect the living tissue in your pulp. This can lead to real discomfort, and put you at risk for losing your tooth! The longer you wait to treat tooth decay, the more likely you are to suffer complications that impact your oral health. Eventually, a cavity can do enough damage to cost you your tooth, and you can suffer additional complications. Continue reading “Ignoring A Cavity Can Lead To Big Oral Health Problems”