Will A Cavity Always Cause Tooth Pain?

Will A Cavity Always Cause Tooth Pain?

Posted January 19, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

Will a cavity always cause tooth pain? If you receive the appropriate restorative dental treatment in time, you can take care of the problem before it creates discomfort. The reason tooth decay can cause your tooth to ache, or become sensitive, is because your cavity will eventually work its way from your enamel to your pulp. When an infection is allowed to reach the interior of your tooth, and damage the nerves and blood vessels, it can create unpleasant pain. If you want to take care of a cavity before you start to suffer discomfort, make sure you are regularly seeing your dentist for checkups. During routine preventive exams, your dentist can spot a cavity that is starting to develop, and take the appropriate action.

Tooth Pain Should Be Taken Seriously

Any time you experience ongoing tooth pain, you should inform your dentist. It could be caused by a cavity, or it could be the result of a dental injury. Chronic pain may make a root canal treatment necessary. Thanks to advances in modern dental care, your dentist can minimize your discomfort, and even offer dental sedation.

Reduce Your Chances Of Letting A Cavity Grow Severe By Booking Regular Dental Checkups

Are you currently attending checkups on a regular basis? Do you know how often you should arrange to see your dentist? Unless you are told to adhere to a special timeline specifically by your dentist, you should plan to seek routine evaluations on a semiannual basis. At these checkups, your dentist can offer a professional teeth cleaning, check you for cavities, and recommend the appropriate course of action to deal with signs of gum disease.

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