Making Valuable Smile Improvements With Dental Crowns

Making Valuable Smile Improvements With Dental Crowns

Posted February 5, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

Dental crowns are well-known to patients, but they may not have a clear idea of what situations call for them, or how effective they can be at restoring a person’s smile. Crowns are not always used in cavity treatment, but they are needed when you suffer more decay than can be treated with a dental filling. They can also make it possible for your dentist to save a tooth that has suffered serious physical damage, and they can even act in service of prosthetic dental care. Modern crowns are made with many different materials. If you are concerned about how your smile might look after you have work done, you can be excited to learn that there are natural-looking crowns that will avoid any interference with your appearance.

Using A Crown To Restore A Tooth In Need Of Protection And Support

Dental damage can leave you in a big predicament. After all, our teeth have a limited ability to recover from harm, meaning whatever care you receive needs to be long-lasting. You can have a crown made to treat a tooth after a serious cavity, or after it has been chipped or cracked. Because they are constructed to stay in good form, even as you use them to bite and chew, your crown can be relied on for many years.

The Role Dental Crowns Can Play In Addressing Tooth Loss

In some instances, your dentist can use a crown to help restore your incomplete smile. Crowns can act as support for a dental bridge by effectively holding your restoration in position. They can also take the direct place of a missing tooth when they are placed on a dental implant.

Wager-Evans Dental Can Offer Valuable Dental Support By Providing A Dental Crown

At Wager-Evans Dental, you can receive a life-like and long-lasting dental crown, which can help protect a vulnerable tooth. Whether you need help for tooth decay, physical injury, or tooth loss, a crown can help you return your smile to good health. Located in Reno, NV, we are proud to welcome residents from South Meadows, Double Diamond, Caughlin Ranch, Donner Springs, Meadowood, Sommersett, Arrow Creek, and all other neighboring communities. To schedule a consultation or your next dental exam, visit our office, or contact us today  by calling (775) 829-7700.