3 Helpful Facts You Should Know About Dental Fillings

3 Helpful Facts You Should Know About Dental Fillings

Posted January 22, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

Because tooth decay is a common problem, many people have had to undergo restorative dental work to fix a cavity. You may already have at least one restoration. Dental fillings are commonly used to repair teeth that have suffered decay. The filling is needed because, unfortunately, our teeth are not able to recover from a cavity naturally. By placing a restoration, your dentist is offering needed support for your tooth, and helping you avoid future problems. Advances in dental care have led to the providing of composite resin fillings. Unlike fillings made with metal, the fillings offered by your dentist are able to blend in with your surrounding enamel. They can also offer a superior level of support by bonding directly with your tooth. 

1. Your Dental Filling Can Imitate The Appearance Of Your Dental Enamel

You may be worried that a cavity will lead to a permanent change to the appearance of your tooth. In the past, patients were stuck with conspicuous metal fillings and dental crowns. It is now possible to enjoy support from a filling made with composite resin, which can avoid any cosmetic concerns you might have.

2. Your Filling Should Support Your Tooth Enough To Allow For Normal Dental Function

Any filling placed should offer the kind of support needed to allow you to bite and chew with your tooth. If you have an older filling, and you feel that your tooth has become sensitive to bite pressures, you may want to alert your dentist.

3. Your Filling Is Permanently Required For Your Tooth

Because the damage done by a cavity is permanent, your need for a restoration is permanent, too. Because of this, your dentist provides fillings that are incredibly durable, and can hold up remarkably well for many years.

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