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Why You Shouldn’t Delay A Root Canal Treatment You Need

A root canal treatment provides relief from a serious threat to your tooth. In many instances, a root canal will be needed when a cavity creates problems within your tooth. In other instances, your dentist may need to perform this restorative procedure in the aftermath of physical dental harm, particularly if your tooth’s pulp is… Read more »

Make Your Root Canal Treatment A Priority

If your dentist advises you to undergo root canal therapy, you should make this procedure a priority. A root canal is performed to save a tooth that has an active infection in its pulp. The pulp, located at the center of your tooth, houses living tissue. If too much harm is done by an infection,… Read more »

Limiting Your Risk For Needing A Root Canal

Does a cavity on your tooth mean that a root canal treatment is in your immediate future? Not necessarily – this procedure is only necessary for decay that has been able to access the interior of your tooth. If a cavity is caught soon enough, the restorative care you require can be less involved. Patients… Read more »

What To Anticipate When You Need A Root Canal Treatment

Imagine yourself in your dentist’s chair, hearing the news that you will need a root canal treatment. You could have any number of reactions, but it is doubtful that you would find yourself excited by this information. While it may carry an unpleasant reputation, root canal therapy offers important care for a vulnerable tooth. Your… Read more »

The Importance Of A Tooth’s Endodontic Health

A tooth’s endodontic health, or the health of its interior area, is vital to its overall well-being. At the center of a tooth is the pulp. This area houses blood vessels and nerve tissues that keep your tooth sustained. Surrounded by layers of dentin and enamel, this portion of the tooth is well-guarded. However, problems… Read more »

How A Cavity Can Cause You To Lose A Tooth

In its beginning stages, a cavity will only affect your enamel. Over time, decay will continue to spread, and will pass through the dentin layer en route to the tooth’s pulp. Because the pulp houses living tissue, your tooth can become painful or highly sensitive when this occurs. A cavity at this stage can be… Read more »

Why Do I Need A Root Canal For My Cavity?

If your dentist informs you that you need a root canal for a cavity, it means that your cavity has moved into the interior of your tooth, and is threatening the living tissue within. When an infection makes it to this area – the pulp – it has the potential to kill your tooth. Not… Read more »

The Importance Of A Root Canal In Saving A Tooth

People tend to react unfavorably at the thought of root canal therapy. However, this is an important procedure that can save your tooth. When a cavity spreads to the pulp of your tooth, it can lead to quite a bit of discomfort. It may become painful, or you might notice swelling in your gums around… Read more »