Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Root Canals?

Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Root Canals?

Posted March 28, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

You should certainly take precautions to avoid any issue that might require a root canal treatment. This procedure is necessary whenever you have an infection or abscess affecting the living tissue in your tooth’s pulp. While this is procedure is often used to deal with a cavity, other problems, like physical damage, can make them necessary. While you should take care to prevent dental problems that can require root canals, you should know that delaying a treatment you need can be consequential. If nothing is done in time to address an internal infection, bacteria can potentially spread to your jawbone, and other teeth, which will lead to additional worries. Your dentist can perform this procedure with your comfort in mind, and sedation can be offered if you are struggling with anxious feelings.


True Or False: Every cavity treatment will involve your dentist performing a root canal on your tooth.

True Or False: If a needed root canal is not performed, an infection within your tooth can travel through its root, and continue to cause problems for your health.

True Or False: Sedation can help you stay relaxed and comfortable during your root canal treatment.


False! If you receive treatment for a cavity in time, you can stop decay before it creates an endodontic issue, meaning you will not need a root canal. Smaller cavities are often treated with dental fillings.

True! When you leave an internal tooth infection untreated, there can be additional consequences. In addition to allowing bacteria to spread, you could lose your tooth!

True! Dental sedation can help patients feel at ease while their dentist performs a root canal treatment.

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